Diamonds & No Rust

Joan Baez
Beacon Theatre
May 1

At the end of July, on a stage in Madrid, Spain, Joan Baez will play the final show of her fare(thee)well tour and call it a career.  No Joan, no!!!  She’s earned the right to do as she pleases (actually no one has to ‘earn the right’ to do anything they please, juss do as you please – as long as you don’t harm anyone!!), but we still need you Joan.  We need you to folk the sh#t out of stuff, cause we are still trying to overcome, but things keep coming, and they suck, and your still voice is the guiding light at the end of our ear tunnels!



Have never been a big Dylan fan, but I knew I had to see him before he or I goes.  I did.  He was fine, but he didn’t play Dylan songs I wanted to hear.  And even if he did, they wouldn’t sound Dylanesque enuff for me.  Well Joan, an ex-lover and contemporary, played FOUR of his tunes AND a song she wrote about him (‘Diamonds and Rust’) and they sounded even better than the real thing!  And she played plenty of other peoples stuff!!  Including Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, making it the 4th time I’ve heard it played in concert – joining the takes I’ve heard by Christopher Cross, Petula Clark AND Stevie Wonder!

What I don’t want to imagine is that there’s no more Joan Baez!

but don’t worry kids, Joan Baez is just warming up

SetlistDon’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Bob Dylan cover) / Honest Lullaby / Lily of the West / Whistle Down the Wind (Tom Waits cover) / Silver Blade (Josh Ritter cover) / It Ain’t Me, Babe (Bob Dylan cover) / Deportees (Woody Guthrie cover) / The Things That We Are Made Of (Mary Chapin Carpenter cover) / Diamonds & Rust / Catch the Wind (Donovan cover) / Birmingham Sunday / No More Auction Block / Another World (Antony and the Johnsons cover) / The President Sang Amazing Grace (Zoe Mulford cover) / The House of the Rising Sun / A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan cover) / Gracias a la vida (Violeta Parra cover) / Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

EncoreForever Young (Bob Dylan cover) / The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel cover) / Imagine (John Lennon cover) / Dink’s Song (Fare Thee Well)

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