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The Baker’s Dozen – Night 13
Madison Square Garden
August 6th

After being shocked and awed by Phish’s coconutty first night of their Baker’s Dozen run at MSG, I was ready for them and I to go to infinity and beyond in their 13th and final show  

Before the concert, I huddled up with my 3 diehard Phishead buddies and we all guessed as to what they were going to play.  The final flavor/theme was pink glazed donuts with rainbow sprinkles.  I had no idea what songs of their own that they would play (cause I only know like 5 of them), but I had some ideas of what themed songs that I hoped they would play

my @phish picks were born losers

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By day I’m your humble TM, but by night I’m MP, and MP’s guesses were… garbage sauce, but I really did wish they played what I guessed, and that they didn’t, or anywhere near that was actually kinda disappointing.  Sure, the boys played Bowie and the Stones and Willie Nelson, and a bunch of songs that made the faithful happy, but I really thought they were going to tear the roof off in the final night.  I mean, they did, but I just think they could have gone bigger.  Like play the Pretty In Pink soundtrack in reverse order, or something else that would be out of their comfort zone, and perhaps a little more Junior Senior-y

Still, it was the best Phish show I ever went to, but not for the music.  I me enjoyed myself cause I was with these three fellas who love Phish so much, but not as much as I love them



Set One – Dogs Stole Things / Rift / Ha Ha Ha / Camel Walk / Crazy Sometimes / Saw It Again / Sanity / Bouncing Around the Room / Most Events Aren’t Planned / Bug / I Been Around / Izabella (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Set Two – Simple / Come Together / Starman (David Bowie cover) / You Enjoy Myself / Loving Cup (The Rolling Stones cover)

Encore – On the Road Again (Willie Nelson cover) / Tweezer Reprise

a fine line for the dirty baker's dozen's final night

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