Comes Singing Songs of Love

New York Society For Ethical Culture
October 19th

You all pretend not to know AND care about who and what Donovan is, but you do know him AND you should care about him.  He’s Europe’s Bob Dylan, and based on how well the troubadour has held up over the years, he’s in better shape and sound than Mr Zimmerman is is.  WHY YOU SUCH A JERK DYLAN??!?!?!  Whatever, you all can have your mouth-dead Dylan messiah, and I’ll stick with Dono (he is MY Dylan), the nice guy who sings about chicks with Irish names and who goes all coo-cooing and Barabajagaling, CAUSE THAT SH!T F#&KING ROX IN A NICE GROOVY WAY, YO!!

We saw him play a sweet but short 9 song set 5 years ago, but that was merely an appy appetizer for what we were treated to the other night – 15 of his acoustic dandies + 10 of his electric jammy jams, and it was all one GIANT 2 hour+ish dandy jammy jam that was JAM DANDY REFFIC!!!  Wish it was a 9+ hrish dandy jammy jam, but he’s only human, even if we’re not.  We’re part robot, part Jewish, all bacon

Although we DO have to admit that the greatest song of all time, ‘HURDY GURDY MAN‘, didn’ts exactly live up to its full awesomeness live.  PROBABLY CAUSE IT’S JUSS TOO DANGS BEYOND AMAZINGS TO BE REPRODUCED ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF A STUDIO!!!!!!!!


Solo Acoustic Set – The Enchanted GypsyCatch the WindTo Try for the SunLittle Tin SoldierJosieBallad of GeraldineSunny Goodge StreetSand and FoamGuinevereLalena / I Love My ShirtThe PromiseColoursHappiness RunsUniversal Soldier (Buffy Sainte-Marie cover)

Electric Set with band – Sunshine SupermanJennifer JuniperThere Is a MountainSeason of the WitchYoung Girl Blues / Riki Tiki TaviBarabajagalHurdy Gurdy ManMellow Yellow

Encore – Atlantis


oh, and Jill Sobule opened, and she totally f#@king roxed it, even though we had zero expectations of her doing anything of the sort.  she sang this song called “Heroes’, which is about why our heroes kinda suck, and she even mentions how Dylan was a dick to Donovan!!!  FITTING IRONY!  PUMP IT, THAT IRONY!!!

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