Frank Beard & The Beardos

ZZ Top
& Lynyrd Skynyrd

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Maryland Heights, Missouri
September 15

Dude, for $12 me & BJNewms got to hear barely Lynyrydydyd Skykynarydydd (only one original member left) play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ & ‘Freebird’ + hear Zed Zed Top play all their slutty hits (that ALL sound eggzactly the same – brrrraaa brrabbaaaa baaaa baa, wwwwwwweeeuuuu waaaaa waaaaeuuuah!) and you know what, it totally made us want to grow gigant-o beards and become a sharp dress mans and hump legs and tush!!

speaking of tush…

Eva Tushgoria by Jork!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah, got our money’s worth, but was disappointed that they didn’t spin their guitars, do that ‘dance’ thing with the hands, drive a roadster or hand off the keys to one, lets sluts be slutty on stage, and more importanterly – they didn’t play their ‘hit’ song from BTTFIII – ‘Doublecrap’

btw – the American Empire began the crumble the moment we let ‘Tush’ become a big thing

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