Disco 2012

Radio City Music Hall
April 10th

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We met up in the year 2000 & 12.  We were fully grown, but it was strange, since we didn’t remember the first time that we had met.  There was a first time?  Well, apparently Pulp played the 1998 Tibetan Freedom Concert in DC, all of 3 songs, and apparently it juss wasn’t memorable enuff to remember it as our first time.  We did see Jarvis f$%king rock it solo hardcore back in the 2007 & the 2008, but his backing band wasn’t Pulp and he didn’t play any Pulp songs, so lets consider this RCMH show (their first ever there, and first show in NY/USA since 1998!!!!) our first Pulp time.  And now that that’s settled, we will always remember this first time, cause IT WAS THE F$%KING BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST TIME!!!!!!!!!! 9779reals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The setlist (below) truly speaks for itself, but we’ll speak a little on its behalf.  There wasn’t a single dud song amongst the 18 played, which meant no time for refreshment getting, no time to tinkle, no time to tweet, only time to kick the f$&king ballistics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, the audience didn’t seem to fully agree on the ballistic f$%king kick part.  Don’t think these kids did their homework cause they only got super jizzy jazzed when ‘Common People’ was played, but if they knew the other 17 Pulp songs, which everyone should or make it their duty to know, they woulda been super jizzy jazzed from song one to song done, and thensome.  No wonder Pulp never made it big in America, cause apparently we’re adverse to amazing music.  If we were Pulp, we’d never bother to return to these United States, but we hope that’s never the case, cause we want to remember the second time.  Oh yeah, the second time is tonight, again at RCMH.  Meant a third time

We love life. In Jarvis we thrust

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