Up Stares, Down Stares

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Cult of Lightening In A Fragile Bottle
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R | 120 min

Elizabeth Olsen is the unknown, and now known, sister of the Olsen twits.  Don’t know what she’s been doing all her life, but now she’s an actress, and from what we’ve seen of her in Sean Durkin‘s purty darn good Martha Marcy May Marlene, she definitely passes as an actress, and even more so than her sisters, who never really were actors to begin with, juss a set of twins who played a set of twins on a really dumb sitcom

In MMMMMmmmmmmMMmMmm, Liz doesn’t do much talking, but she does eat, and swim, and mope, and sometimes falsely smiles, and other times juss scares us with those blue-green Olsen dead eyes.  That’s what Olsen kin do best – they stare with those eyes, and creep us the creep creep out.  Liz as MMMmMMmmmMM does lots of staring cause she’s a lost soul stuck in the real world (at sis Sarah Paulson and bro-in-law Hugh Dancy‘s fancy dancy lake house) after running away from a cultish farm commune, which she kinda sorta not really wishes she never left, but of course is glad that she left (oh the contradiction!!!!)

She’s haunted by the past, going nowhere in the present, with not a very bright future ahead of her.  Blame the washing of her brain and private parts by the Jim Jones/David Koresh/Charles Mansonish dude played by John Hawkes (he has shady facial hair AND plays a guitar, so he muss be a cultish leader!!!!).  Now we loves ourselves some JHawkes, but he’s far too gentle of an actor to be seen as a lecherous misguided messiah.  Maybe that’s where faux-Michael Pittster Brady Corbet comes in, cause his eye starings are almos as creepy as Olsen’s is be!!!

Moral of the story?  Everyone with blue-ish eyes kinda creeps us out

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

MMMMMMMMM is currently mmmmmmmm good in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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