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The Housemaid (Hanyo)
Dirty & Down
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A young rich couple (Lee Jung-jaeSeo Woo) are expecting twins, so they hire a sweet lil lass (Jeon Do-yeon) to act as a nanny to their future and current brood (Ahn Seo-hyeon).  Plus she’s there to help around the house alongside the existing crusty old maid maid lady (Yoon Yeo-jeong), who has more secrets than words to say.  Little does the new girl know that the house’s breadwinner will soon be helping himself with the new nanny’s poo-nanny!!!!!  OOOOOOh snappleappleages!!!

Melodrama ensues, with some sultry adultery & discreet deceit, but you know this aint gonna turn out well, right?  Threats are dropped, people are too (from 2 stories high!), more threats are dropped, bribes too, mean looks three, more threats, some more more threats, an abortion is forced upon, all while the ladies of the house try to keep things clean

Hmmmmmmmmm.  Sounds rather juicy, eh?  And Im Sang-soo‘s flight-of-loose-pantsy basically is, but we’ve all seen a hand rock a cradle with fatal attractions before, and this aint no original sin neither, being a remake of a 1960 flick of the same name, but then at the end, it goes off the deep-end in an all too shocking way, but it’s really not all that shocking, but it is indeed a lil too much, AND THEN (not Zardoz), there’s some scene after the shockingly too much scene that is too too too too much, and is weird for the sake of being weird, but not in a good weird way like the last hour of Twin Peaks.  How’s Annie?  Next question…

Woo Who?: Seo Woo, dat’s who!!!

[Seo in Korean Harper’s Bazaar]

Verdictgo: Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Housemaid sweeps into NY & LA this Friday and on demand on 1/26

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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