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The Catfish Hunters & Their Whopper of A Tale
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Nev Schulman is a real person.  He looks like Sacha Baron Cohen and acts like 80 normal dudes we all went to college with.  He’s a photographer who takes pictures of dancers.  He also has a Facebook account (that’s not a ‘duh’ statement.  our brother and parents don’t have one).  He also has an admirer, in an 8-year old girl from bumblefork Michigan named Abby.  She takes his photos and makes purty decent paintings out of them and then sends them to him.  In the process, he has become friendly with Abby’s mom Angela, and even more overly friendly with her half-sister Megan via Facebook.  Nev’s brother and BFF, Ariel and Henry Joost, are real too (Ariel may actually be dating Sting’s daughter Mickey Sumner in real life) and they decide it would be a grand idea to document Nev’s relationship with his web pals.  For awhile, it’s cutesy to watch Nev’s reactions to his deep flirtations with Megan, a girl he knows only thru the web and smattering of late night phone calls.  And yet, something doesn’t seem 100% right with Nev’s other-end user(s)

And then??????????????  No, not Zardoz, we promise! And then, Nev, Ariel and Henry take to the road in search of these people, and what they find is the truth… and it’s a secret!!!!  Spoiling their discovery is verboten, but based on the chilling trailer, this trio disappointingly aren’t chainsawed massacred by a family of freaks.  And yes, we did hactually want that to happen to them, especially since these guys are chasing internet-based vagueness that they could have probably figured out if they juss used the internet a bit more!!!!  Regardless, what hactually does unfold in Michigan is curious enuff stuff to keep interested piqued, but what, WE CANNOT TELL YOU!!!  The question is, how real is this ‘documentary’?  To us, it was less real than I’m Still Here, and others smell something fishy too.  Maybe you’ll just have to force yerself to see both and decide which is faux real (we love that term maybe more than we love fried chicken) and which is faux fauxever

UPDATE: now that I’m Still Here has been dubbed faux foreals, it’s only a matter of time before Catfish is caught in the same act

Beach Boys & Girls: what’s the story with that eerie and yumcredible ‘Good Vibrations’ cover version sung by a children’s choir?  it’s no hoax, it’s The Langley School Music Project!!! watch this!!!!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Catfish reels(/reals??) it in NY/LA/SF this Friday and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

links to click ONLY after seeing the movie

10 Reasons why the documentary movie Catfish is Fake, and 5 Reasons it is Real

art link


Karate with Nev (although you can click this one whenever you like)

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