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The Good Heart is a European-tinged American movie made by a European (Dagur Kári), but would have probably worked a lot better had it been a European-tinged European movie made by anyone but an American.  Translation: The Good Heart is neither the, good, or hearty on these here shores.  What it is is one fine Euro-fied American mess and a giant waste of the re-pairing of Brian Cox and Paul Dano, who first tangoed so well together in the tuff L.I.E. We usually lay blame of a film’s failure to work on the director and/or writer, and while Kári, who acts as both here, deserves a lot of the discredit, especially with his beyond obvious finale, the main repellent is the usual money bags mcgee Cox.  Given too much curmudgeony duty as a crusty and musty ole barkeep, for apprentice Dano to absorb his barbs like a bored brick wall, Cox sucks balls!!  No wonder they give Andy Rooney only a few minutes cause any more than that would be purge overkilll!!  Also, any movie that kills a cat by way of hanging, with no whyme or reason deserves to be hung out to dry

Thighs Wide Nottie: Isild Le Besco‘s the film’s hottie.  if we don’t bother plastering her face and rack on this site, than she is no hottie #fact

Verdictgo: we liked how the film looked, juss not much else, so a very loooow Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Heart goes pitter-splatter in NY/LA only tomorrow, but already avails on VOD, Amazon, X-Box, Ps3 and other stuffs

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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