Knot In My Back Yard

anyone gotz $500,000 they could lend us? we wanna buy the Cowboys endzone from the soon to be departed Texas Stadium and take a dump on it every time we need to take a dump. although we’ll pass on the other ‘treats’ that come with it like the photo op with Skeletor Jerry Jones and the tailgate party with the Cowboy Cheerleaders. nuttin against their sexy bods, but, as you may know, we’re partial to squads with punny names like the Sea Gals, the Ben-Gals, the Saintsations and the Buffalo Jills. gawd bless the NFL. don’t wanna even think of a Sunday without it

czech out all the other goodies found within
Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book

merry effin Yom Kippur and Kelly Kapoor to one and all!

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