Havin’ A Gay Olde Thyme

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the Maryland Renaissance Festival. a cherished and mos belovededed memory from our young squire dayzz. the games! the corny shows! the wooden swords! the people dressed-up like jack-a$$es! the turkey legs! is there anything besterer than this? ye thinks snot!!

sword is the word!

and yes, we were wearing ironic t-shirts
(this one was a Garbage Pail Kids tee)
as early as age 8!

it has been at least 22 years since we last wenteth, so we fingered that there’s no butter time than now to relive the chivalry for a day, and to all, a good KNIGHT!!

prepare thyself for some cheesy signage

those ticket taker maidens were ye hott!!

first stop


they may not have been as big as we remembered
but theys was certainly as delicious!

plus being able to drink ale and mead
makes it all even more funnereererrr!

don’t ya juss wanna bone this bone?

ET bone home!

where’s the HJs & Bjs from a Wench booth?

we woulda rather dunked this jester
with the lame headpiece instead

meat my new bestest friend

who’s offering mustache rides to the New World!

we don’t think there were many clowns in Medieval England

and if there were, they were probably crossbowed on site

damn this looks fun!

not drawn to SCALE

there’s plenty o’ lame entertainment happenings all day long

including a magician that looks like he
bought his tricks at Mario’s Magic Shop

and the lamest of the lame is the bible
themed ‘comedy’ of Hey Nunnie Nunnie

and their awful song ‘Constipated Men’

look at these merrimentors

who contract the black plague every time they make whoopie!

metal bras aren’t juss for Princess Leia

we’re actually wearing that cod piece as we type this!!

it goes w/o saying

so bring your pu$$y face to my a$$!

it was a privilege to return after all these years

and an honor to take a dump in the Privies

can’t wait for Harlem Renaissance Festival!!!

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