Five Easy Peaces

Forks Out

Paul Leonard
‘We All Know That
I Was An Amazing Actor
But The Most Important Thing
I Ever Gave The World
Was Slapping My Good Name
On The Box Of
The Finest Arnold Palmer
Knock-Off Drink Ever:

Newman‘s Own
Virgin Lemon-Aided Ice Tea’

1925 – 2008

William A. Shea
‘The Queens Dump Hole Where You Can Hear Planes While Watching Awful Mets Baseball’
Municipal Stadium

1964 – 2008

‘They Said
D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat,
Yet They’re Stopping The Beat’


1998 – 2008

The RCA Dome’s roof
coroner to the stars
Our Ganger Buddy
founder of National Grandparents Day
regular season Redskins-Cowboys games at Texas Stadium (Zorn!!!!!)


Total Request
‘Home of Jewel’s
NSFW Photo Booth Fun


1998 – 2008

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