Citius, Altius, Fortius, Bonershegivesus

the Summer Olympics aint nearly as cool as the Winter ones, but nuttin is as hotttt as this above snap of German Judo honey Romy Tarangul, on display with 3 other damen in the latest issue of the Fourth Reich’s Playboy [NSFW via w/Leather]

even more Steve Gutenberg articlage, including tales of being trapped on Long Island by a woman who has a myspace page for her cat!

a preview of Lucy Pinder’s 2009 calendar, complete with annoying watermarks! [NSFW]

Thomas Turgoose’s first audition. who? shut yo mouth and Netflix This Is England already

Melissa Theuriau Topless and Pregnant, but not necessarily in that order

Montana man ‘solves’ Zodiac ciphers, but has yet to crack the mystery that is Steve Cyphers

Корчим рожи muss be Russian for smooshing an Asian baby’s face

death from my old stomping, i mean “pooing” grounds

it’s a tarp [NSFW via Cruisespanko]


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