Alright, Brills

Yes, the day has frynally arrived! If you haven’t already d-loded Ms Allen’s beyond bestnessness debut album a zillion times over you can buy it in stores or online today! Amazon’s even hawkin it for a ron measly $7.99! And I heard a dirty Jewish rumor that you haven’t read our interview with her or bought tix to her US shows, right you dirty Goys?

and YES, this is the gayest pic of Gandalf that you will ever see

•and yes, some of these people may be gay, but what they all have in common is that they recently forked the peace the out: Barbaro, Mr Microscope, the faux Watergate burglar, Mr (sorta) Whipple, the HOF teller, a Crazy Horse to Crow about, McGovern’s ho-bag, ‘Popozao’s papa, the knower of plants’ dirty secrets, Mr Hollyweed, Big Lips’ mumsy, the unmasked goalie, Sally Ann’s Bears pappy, a total Luzzer, a doll of some guy, Mr Lighthouse, the no longer oldest bizatch, and the son of RAGU!!!!

the closest one can get to Stanley Kubrick these days, besides catchin a giant retrospective, like the one in suburban MD, is buying the artwork of his wife, Christiane

the one link I shoulda never clicked on cause I is now blind: I am – Mena Suvari Topless Beach of the Day [NSFW & Eyes]

Borat, now in bunnyvision

The Slow Clap, sadly not about the creeping up of gonorrhea

death from a doppleganger

Library Thing Suggester or to hell with that and juss try to keep pace with everytang that Art Garfunkel has read

PFUBU (Porn For Us By Us): Assraellis [NSFW]

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

kids, make yer own Optimus Prime! [Pakula Shaker]

love animated gifs? then you’ll love the Animated Gif Mashup!

hey you, if you ever find that ‘peggy flemming thigh machine‘, lemme know cause I wanna sue that bitch for Thighpyright infringement

The Post-It Note Jaguar, most likely engineered by Romy and Michele

and if yer ever in northern VT, besides gettin yer nosh on at Al’s French Frys, you muss muss stop at Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour in Waterbury. It’s not the craziest thang ever but me & the Thigh Mistress, although not as hot as these two, found it all to be quite mooooooooooving

If you need more info on the tour
please contact them toll-free
at 866-BJ-TOURS

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