I'm Sick of Remembering

Can’t we juss move on with our lives? Or remember something else, like the Alamo, the Titans, or how the Skins are the world’s greatest 0-0 team in the NFL?

And can’t we juss bone the fizzle outta Sharapova already? She may have been the Queen of Queens for a day, but after listening to her grunt live in the flesh for 2 straight sets on Saturday night, while I grabbed my flesh, she reminded us why she’ll be our Dairy Queen for a lifetime!

NFL 1 o’clocks were purty urns to the muther stickin boo. After peeping what happened to Trent Green, I was sirprized he didn’t give the thumbs down when being carted off the field (YIKES!). And what did I tell ya, never fantasy draft anyone on the Lions. EVER.

belated Peace The Fork Out: Joseph Stefano, screen-playa of Hitch’s Psycho, one of four flicks that tops my heart

Meg White carrying my love child? If so, tits sure to be the whitest baby since Powder

Thighs Wide Shut Doomed Cruise-Kidman Marriage

Daddy Keith praises Lily’s career. Daddy Keith praises lord that Lily will give his career new life. Daddy to duet ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ with Lily next year? So who’s dick am I sucking to get into her sold out show at the Hiro ballroom?

semi-related: another proud daddy [NSFW]

Nancy O’Dell to provide free JO material for years to cum

yes, the rumors are true, Trent and I did watch tennis

fork terrorism cause there’s only one fight in this world: Fight for Deleted Scenes to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [Movieasshole]

fork HBO and them other ‘movie’ channels cause the breast of the breast is Turner Classic Movies, and their hott new DB

WORLD champion DC Divas, lookin for a few mo hos

John Lazar, dude has the freakiest eyes, and dude had the freakiest set of screen breasts of balls thyme, thanks in part to Roger Ebert

Never a bore, always a Borat…

The Vancouverite interviews our mos flavorite sneakerographer. Hey flavorite sneakerographer, hook a brother up with sum a dem green courdory Marc Jacobs’ Vans chukka boots (middle of page)!

David Bowie gets a karate lesson. Somewhere Billy Zabka is either smiling, sweeping the leg, or sweeping the floor

(Dallas/Ft) Worth the $650, cause Janus = genius!

Keeley: Stairway to Heaven, with no happy trail in sight [NSFW]

Trailer Mash


What happens if you don’t urinate?

What exactly is a booger? [Ask Snot]

free passes for Confe(Shi)tti

Stick Figures in Peril

Bembo’s Zoo

I bet this guy still hasn’t found what he’s looking for (cause he certainly didn’t find it here): When should i stop sharing the bath with my daughter

and why should we bother to post these average Cuthbest snaps [Fid] when we can deck yer balls with Holly Valance

[even mo]

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