Irk Douglas Uses Perk Plus

Tings Dat Make Me Nipples Perk

Crazy balloon thingies

Crazy boobs that look like balloons [kinda NSFW vis WTFOMGZ]

The news I’ve been waiting for since February 17, 2004: a new album in the ’07 by the band that begat Stereogum’s namesake

The Borat teaser trailer ‘officially’ hits the interwebs, for those who missed out on the shitty YouTube vershes floatin around

The Violent Femmes being added to Lolla’s line-up, which hopefully will spark a ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ a-thon, with Gnarls Barkley, who be also playin that tweakend. Choose yer flava: vanilla [d] o chocolate [d]. Bi the gay, almost a month away, and they already have the set times for every act!!

Al Cabino‘s relentless pursuit to get Nike to peddle Marty McFly’s B2TF2‘s shoes

The hottiest real Jew [NSFW] and the hottiest fake Jew un-jew it up

Ice-T’s Body Count‘s new’s and’s ‘final’s’s album’s includes’ a song called ‘F**k the Cops’. Does that mean that there’s a strong pastability that another track may be called ‘KFC Bitch’? Have fun with them this summer you zany Europeans

Mentioning many moons ago about a long lost ultra cutie from my Julius West middle school daze, who I and everyone else had a crush on, and then having her magically resurface thru Uncle Buck’s House o’ Fun… ironically wearing a Crush tee. Who said GWBush’s inventions was useless?

Lily Allen’s new websight gets the suppes (with nuttin that already couldn’t be found on her myspace page), includin nicked fotos from Dirty Music

t.A.T.u. hit out shores with their friend or faux schtick, kinduv

Free Miami Vice passes

Jack Bauer to fight bagelsmiths and pizzamakers AND the return of the It Man

The dude with the fish eyes and the 18-head sticks with TV [JJ]

Aubrey’s Thread

‘Singing For England’ [PopBitch]

The Silent Library [Mama Kass-hole]

The 5-Second Rule ruling [MasterWani]

And Whatevs & Stereoguts gettin mad propers from Entertainment Weak-Lee

Tings Dat Make Me Nipples Irk

Whatevs gettin mad propers from Entertainment Weak-Lee, but havin them cut Thighs Wide Shut from his list of personal favs. Don’t fret ma, Latin Inches said they’d publish his whole list!

Hermione Granger gettin more (jailbait) love than Ginny Weasley

Dawn Tinsley not marrying Tim Canterbury

Michael Jackson and his Methods and Means for Creating Anti Gravity Illusion [Pakula Shaker]

The Frat Pack Tribute

The lawnmower boy meetin Her Former Royal Thighness the VI Warshawski‘s rents

Anything involving Orlando Bloom, who went and did something with someone almost as boring as himself

The New York Mets fan celebration song, ‘Our Team. Our Time’ [The Thinker]

Microwaved tunafish

Human muppets [UNKLE]

What San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker did in 1978, thus ruining it for the res
t of us

The Lyrebird [Menyinc]

Ken Jennings’s blog


That dang ceiling cat

And how I never willed what AT&T said I will

Doesn’t help much that AT&T as we the nia peoples knew it is gone daddy gone (a-thon)

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