Things To Dee And So*

*hispecially if yer in NYC dat is


1) Sell A Kidney & Go See The Gorillaz at The Apollo Theater – We caught last night’s show, and we muss say, worth every penny… that my sperm donations coughed up. I mean, when else are you going to go to the Apollo Theater? Sure, the animation screen center-peace was esta roto (that’s ‘broken’ for you non-Nine Inch Nails fans), but I hactually believe that that was a happy accident. Why? Well, I caught the awkward multi-media-a-thon that was the Feb 2002 show at Hammerstein, where the music was pitch-perfect, but the performance was too impersonal. Watching people play in silhouettes, while cartoons play on a giant screen doesn’t make for a most user-friendly evening.

So tonight, when the cartoons were forcibly given the night off, the focus was solely on the musicians, who no longer could hide behind the screen. Sans Dennis Hopper and MF Doom, who’s mask was probably still at the dry cleaners, every guest star from the album showed up to bring Demon Days to life, track by track. AND OH BOY DID THEY!!! Highlights include De La Soul’s Pasemaster Mase’s endless ha-ha-ha laff, Rosie Wilson’s backing vocals outshining Shaun Ryder’s on ‘DARE’ (when I was ass-raping myself), and the kids choir from the Terry Wright Project, who seemed to enjoy themselves more than the subdued crowd (I SAY BOO YOU BLOODY YANKS). Attending this show was indeed an honor, for it is one of only 10 performances of its kind that will ever be staged. Sure, it was only 70 minutes long, but what more could one ask for? Well, since we’re asking, how bout bringing out Del Tha Funkee Homosapien for ‘Clint Eastwood’? Want more? Music Snob goes the distance + pics (like the one knicked above) vis a BV

2) Munch @ MoMA – Dude, 10th best art-ease-it of balls thyme gets a royal treatment in midtown. And if you see this eggzibition, you’ll never have to visit Oslo, Norway, EVER! Unless, of course, you win a Nobel Peace Prize, or something.

3) Biennial @ The Whitney – Not nearly as grand as the three I’ve seen since 2000, but there’s always interestingness abound when the Biennial takes over NY’s third home of art. And although all video art muss be banned, I think everyone has to give Francesco Vezzoli’s trailer for his faux remake of Gore Vidal’s Caligula a peep. I mean, women sucking on strap-ons is never a bad thing, right?

4) Soul Food @ Amy Ruth’s – Smothered fried chicken, mac n cheese, and candied yams… my trifecta of heaveness-ness. It’s up to you whether you want to wash it down with fresh lemonade or the Kool-Aid of the day

5) Re-Watch Last Night’s Sopranos – Cause any episode where Paulie Walnuts is king, is king!!

6) Netflix The Squid & The Whaleduhvs

7) Celebrate College Basketball Tonight – Even dough George Mason is gone, but not forgotten, after tonight, it’s nothing but basebore until NFL preaseason. Wake me up in August, but in the meantime GO NATS!!!

8) Shave Your Grundle – or ELSE!!!

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