Coral/KeaneNot 2B Confused w/Carol Kane

Radio City Music Hall
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Time and thyme again, nuttin beats seeing a band when they only have one fantabulous album under their belt (i.e. les Strokes, Bravery, Killers, BRMC, et al on an El Al flight), cause u know yer gonna hear purty much the whole dang thang. Problem is, most times said bands’ follow-up joints end up being retreads of the 1st and turn into giant disappointments. But in Keane’s case, I think their future is so darn bright that they should have their own edition of Lite Brite. Their debut album, Hopes & Fears, is MORE BUTTER than ALL THREE COLDPLAY ALBUMS COMBINED!!! FACTamundo cunningham!! Every single song, while sounding sorta-similar (not always a bad thing), is effin mammoth like Hasselback’s mammories. It’s almost as close to perfection for a debut as Pearl Jam’s Ten was. So if u came late to the hotness that is Keane, like I did as I sadly didn’t include it on my breast of ’04 list, don’t fret and just buy the dang thang already. Anywho, the RCMH show was truly stellarstarry. Who knew that a drummer, a keyboardist, and a singer could create such a cacophony of rizzle rockony. Then again, anything held in that venue is franzforkingtacular. I’d even consider seeing the Backdoor Boys there juss cuss. To see the setlist and some more pics, head on over to The Music Snob. ADDED: a bunch of live Keane stuff

The Coral
Bowery Ballroom
Thursday, June 9, 2005

On the flipside of thangs, there’s something I can’t stand even more than Julia Roberts winning that Oscar instead of Ellen Burstyn: when a band goes on tour playing tons of new stuff off an album that will be released in the next month or so. While it’s nice to get sneak previews of the new hotness, I’d rather be a lil more familiar with the stuff for full concert enjoyment. Luckily, even though the Coral’s latest, The Invisible Invasion, hasn’t been released stateside, I was able to get some brief one on one action with the album before peeping dem at the Bowery (still the greatest lil place to see a band on planet earth). The SEVEN (!) fellers threw some super oldies our way (‘Simon Diamond’, ‘Calendars & Clocks’, and ‘Don’t Think You’re The First’), as well beltin’ out some of the new killah songs. It’s unusual for a band to close up shop for the night with a new ditty, but the Coral muss have a lot of faith in ‘Arabian Sand’ [d-lode]. Well, they is right, cause it’s the best one off the new jounks and worthy of taking us home. Here’s the setlist. Aren’t I cool? Megbot seems to think so, as she paid for my humcredible za from the always thumbcredible Rosario’s.

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