Fall From Grace Jones

I HAKE You so much Twerps!
garyland?  more like gutterland!
How do you beat Boouke twice &
lose to dem lowly Les Tigres thrice?

To hell wit da madness…
Is it football season yet?

• Thy neue Episode Tres trailer is up, and I can’t bee leave it, but tit looks super-umcredible to the mth degree centigrade! Jimmy Shits is the effin Smits!!

• I’m no fan of Family Guy (it’s like an 16th rate Simpsons in my book), but many of yous may drool at this news: Family Guy Live, 2 shows in LA and 4 in NYC this April, which will include live readings of a classic episode, a special live performance from the eagerly anticipated Family Guy Live in Vegas comedy album, a sneak peek at the first new episode in 3 years, and a Q & A with the cast and creators of the series. Presale begins today at 10am EST and the password is ‘FREAKINSWEET’. Click here for LA and here for NYC. And please, don’t waste space in the ‘Speak Easy’ tellin me its a good show. I have better things to do like donate my grundle hair to science.

• Add Donavon Frankenreiter, Pinback, The Locust, Armin Van Buuren, and Gratitude to the Coachella leest.

• From the director of Saving Silverman and the writer of Eight Crazy Nights comes: THE END OF NAPOLEON DYNAMITE’S ACTING CAREER

• Gorillaz new album to be unveiled at SXSW?

• Officially the dumbestist Jewish shirt ever.

• Cuthbert, apparently likes to eat AND drink AND be the same room w/Dylan McDermott.

• Willis-Lohan grope fest = who cares.net

• Lohan’s neck + odd red splotches = wtf?

• Boo

• Boo Williams

• Boo Radley

• Boo Berry

• Why are people afraid of clowns? Even P Diddy?!

• The Gates to be recycled into candy corn?

the purple people suckerzzz

And for those not in the nose round here, ‘Spot The Drummer’ is a game u can play. All you have to do is click on the above image and away you gogh!

• Peace the fork out to Nicole DeHuff, the bloody-nosed victim of Gaylord Focker’s pool volleyball super spikin’ skillz.

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