(T)Heeeeere'(wa)s Johnny!


johnny raised the car AND the roof

1925 – 2005

And in honor of JC, how bout some Carnac the Magnificentnessness…

A: Ovaltine.

Q: Describe Oprah Winfrey in High School

A: Gatorade.

Q: What does an alligator get on welfare?

A: An unmarried woman.

Q: What was Elizabeth Taylor between 3 and 5 pm on June 1, 1952?

A: Mount Baldi

Q: What did Yul Brenner’s wife do on their wedding night?

And without you JC, none of this could have been possible…

Something cool to
say when you’re
trying to kill
Olive Oyl

thats odd, the blood usually gets off on the 2nd floor

Meathead’s cousin
getting a talkshow

indiana's least favorite son

Fletch’s alimony problems solved
by the PCH Sweepstakes

poon tang clan

No, never, never.’

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