Lessons LearnedFrom The Weak End

what about peanut butter bracelets?

– The best time to go to a theme park is when the forecast calls for rain all day. However, if said theme park has more people working the rides than people riding them, they’re most likely going to close the park early. Me & Curious George’s Mum did such a thing this past Saturday when we hit up King’s Dominion in lovely Doswell, VA. It didn’t even rain for one second, yet the park was completely empty. We got to ride every single roller coaster front seat style!!! Also, if you think a ride is going to make you sick, it most likely will. I rode the Berserker (the boat that swings back and forth and upside down) and had to puke my guts out immediately after. And for the record, this is my newest favoritetist ride.

– Apparently the jelly bracelet I wear on my wrist isn’t very hip in this day and age. I don’t really care cause the greatest lil girl in the world gave it to me.

– It’s hard to throw a spiral with a Nerf football.

– My sister and I were both very sirprized about the small amount of comments left regarding her engagement. So even if you don’t know her, leave some comments below.

– The origin of UltraHottie’s name.

– Cats are smart. My parent’s cat, Lil Kitty, ran away last Thursday. Since it has no front claws, we thought its chance of survival were slim to dead. Yet a few days later, Lil Kitty came home. Probably cause it wanted to eat or watch the latest episode of The Surreal Life.

– Just cause you have Priest Holmes on yer fantasy team, doesn’t mean yer guaranteed victory weak in and weak out.

– Eating chili always hurts my tummy.

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