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– While taking a break from inventing solar-powered flash lights and ice cube warmers, a Polish costal town is seriously thinking about enlarging the breasts of their belovededed mermaid statue. I hear that Ustka, Poland is sister cities with the other Mecca of boob enhancement, Los Angeles.

The Christ does it again!!! Last week, after catching Mel Gibson’s latest musical, a Texan man confessed to a murder, and this week a Norwegian neo-Nazi has confessed to two unsolved bombings from the early 90s. I wonder if GW Bush saw it yet. He’d come out of the theaters and confess to the world that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, let alone remember which movie he just saw.

Dying to know more about the Zodiac Killer?

– Bored at work and have a lot of free time? Of course you do. Why else would you be on my site? Click me (speakers required)! Link provided by the Zack Attack.

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