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Eye–Lohan Coordination

after spotting them lovely images of Lindsay Lohandjobz in the Machete trailer, we started to reminiscence, about a much simpler, happier, fruitful time, specifically the grand ole year of 2004.  we were beardless, modern music was way rawesome and every Thom Yorke, Dickie Greenleaf and Leisured Suited Larry hadn’t jumped on the blog bandwagon… yet.  there was no Twitter, thIghpods (well, we didn’t have one) or a baseball team in DC.  also, if you can remember that far back, you might recall that Lindsay Lohan was the foxiest goddess around, and she was OUR goddess, and we the thought the hotness would never end.  boy were we wrong.  they say you shouldn’t dwell on the past, but when the past looked as good as it did, we think it’s OK to do so.  to celebrate America’s former honey bags McGee, and our first ThighMistress, lettuce re-drop our moist flavorite photoshoot of her

and while we’re at it
here’s our moist flavorite (side-boob) candid


Do Call It A Comeback

Robert Rodriguez’ fake trailer turned real movie Machete has now gotz a real trailer! while that in itself is enuff for muchos celebrationiones, we want to specifically point out something within the trailer that is making our penis sirprizingly point north: the return of Lindsay Lohan’s hotness????  we hear her speak zero lines, we’re sure she’s awful in it, but if these highly saturated pictures are any indication…

…Thighs Wide Shut may once again return as your #1 home for all things Lohag Lohan


Sibling What Rivalry?

The Fiery Furnaces
Bowery Ballroom
December 12th

remember when we wouldn’t wide shut up about The Fiery Furnaces, circa 2004-05? then they came out with that Metal Machine career destroying music featuring their nana and we promptly turned our backs on them like we did Lindseed Lohag when she got the point where her baby fat was replaced with skanky coke hits and anorexia. wells, a lot of thyme has passed and everyone deserves a second breast enhancement so we gave it to em and they gave it back to us by totally rockin dat shiz like we remembered they dids and now all is well again like Briana Evigan. yes, even in the rain

don’t think we’ll be doings a top 100 music thingies of the 2000s (like we ills with movies, duhvs, look for in 2010 though!), but we’d have to say that Matty Friedberger’s solo shaz (disc 1 only) be one of the breastest!!! czech it before you wriggty wreck it!! and Mattz, if yer reading this, ditch the sis and it’ll be nuttin but bli$$!!!!

Matthew Friedberger – ‘Her Chinese Typewriter’ [d]


Your Epidermis Is Showing

remember a few months back when you heard us sing (more like scream) the praises of the hit British show Skins? we saids that it was, ‘the greatestest (first season of a) teen television show we’ve ever seen mt EVEReverEVEReverEVEReverEVEReverst!’, and we’re still right after all these months later cause we ended up watching every single teen TV show EVERs juss to prove ourselves wrong and it was impossible cause we weren’t wrong. you probably didn’t end up watching it cause you can’t hactually read, or perhaps you hate British people and their non-existent national cuisine, but you should get over yerself and yer illiteracy and fear and loathing of shepherd’s pie from Shepherd’s Bush and watch season one (esp since a US version is in the werks), so you then can watch its helectrifying & mos def defying second season, recently released on DVD. shit is hotter than a shit sitting in the Georgia sun for 77 Sundays, while listenin to the Sundays’ cover of ‘Wild Horses’. fine, don’t bee leave us, but why don’t you watch that season 2 teaser trailer above (don’t worry, the show isn’t that slutty) and then come back and tell us that you didn’t have to change yer pants 13 times. and while it was moist sad to say goodbye to all our new found friends (the cast gets replaced after every 2 seasons), it was an absolute pleasure to say hello (albeit briefly) to the sketchy Sketch (Aimee-Ffion Edwards, who’s like a Welsh Lindsay Lohan, yet even better at acting and singing), who has a hard on for Maxxie (who doesn’t?), our main gay guy who likes guys and not girls, but she doesn’t care, and their Osama bin Laden musical duet thing that is beyond thunderdome and geniussessness, and yes, even beyond Baby Geniuses!!

and even though we’d let Sketch break into our flat (that’s an apartment in jolly olde) and finger herself on our bed whilst we aint home (yes, that did hactually happen on the show, although it wasn’t our bed since we’re unfortunately not on the show), our heart still belongs to the flighty rabbit-toothed Cassie. gawd is she grrrrrrrrrrrreat

and oh yeah, by the gay, Tony’s dad has the greatestest headshot EVERESTTT


Eye Lash

Lohan. Ronson. Lash.

together at last lash

who’s Lash? that guy in the photo. why is he there? he’s leaving LAX so he can have him some threeway lesbian SEX. so who’s Lash? our mos flavorite Bethesdaer turned Burlingamer. who is Lash? that’s for us to know (+ about maybe 8 people who read this websight) and for you to not to know. gawd bless you Lash. only you could force us to post Lohag paparazzi photos years after we gave up on her after she gave up on us after Disney gave up on her after Disney gave up on Captain EO at Epcot Center after apricots gave up on being everyone’s mos flavorite Armenian plum

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