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Daughter’s Keepers

on the set & behind the scenes with Vivian Kubrick

viv 2001

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1967 with one of the baby chimps that appeared in the movie

viv clockwork

A Clockwork Orange, 1969 – Vivian helped cut out those Styrofoam letters on the wall!!!!!

viv shinning

editing the ‘Making The Shining‘ at EMI, 1981 – photo by her father

viv full metal

Full Metal Happiness, 1986.  she composed the film’s score!

I love my parents and all, but sometimes I wish they were Stanley Kubrick and Deborah Kerr

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Twin Bills – From Roselle To Hell

Kiernan Shipka as The Shining‘s Grady twins for THR

+ HOW?


how playful

grady twins


faux grady twins

but all are basically bs versions of the original

arbus twins

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