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Nice Station Zebra

Jack White
Kings Theatre
November 17

yep, that’s me, balcony center, rocking my Nats hat and Popeyes tee and rocking the fcuk out!!!

and yep, I was thoroughly thoroughly rocked.  It’s about time Jack!  You dropped a new hot album (‘Over and Over and Over‘ forever please, like the union!) and toured it, but only came to NY for a festival and I’m too old for that festival sh!t, and also I want a Jack show indoors!  EAT IT OUTDOORS!!  But you came back!  Indoors!  Wish I went to both of yer Kings Theatre shows, and wish I went to every show there ever (movie palace + music = MOVED ME PALACE!!), but this was still one night to truly remember (like the Titanic, cept if it never sank and triumphed at rocking so hard that it melted the faces of Nazis) 

Jack – you are our last hope.  Rock flows through you and out of you and into us.  No one your age and of our generation is doing what your are doing.  Keep doing it.  Steady as it goes, or unsteady.  Keep rocking the good rock

Bless your soul, and crazy hair, and crazy no-cellphone policy which wasn’t so awful after all (and kinda liberating!) 

Setlist – Over and Over and Over / Everything You’ve Ever Learned / Black Math / Corporation / Hotel Yorba / Love Interruption / Hello Operator / Why Walk a Dog? / High Ball Stepper / That Black Bat Licorice / What’s Done Is Done / We’re Going to Be Friends / Missing Pieces / The Hardest Button to Button / Carolina Drama

Encore – Lazaretto / Steady, as She Goes / Respect Commander / Connected by Love / Ball and Biscuit / Sixteen Saltines / Seven Nation Army



Peaking In Tongues

David Byrne
Kings Theatre
September 17

There are some things (musically) you want so bad, that you’ll take it any way you can get it.  I want a Led Zeppelin reunion, and I will never get one, but at least I saw Robert Plant solo.  The next thing I want (besides an ABBA reunion, which I also won’t get, but hey, I did once see Benny Andersson play in a London park!) is a Talking Heads reunion, and that aint never happening, ever.  And so you go for the next best thing, but for some reason, I never thought to see David Byrne play live

My bad, cause he good, SO GOOD.  Excellent.  Brilliant.  Amazing.  Astounding.  Show of the year.  Show of the decade.  Probably.  Check back with me in 2019 or 2020 or 2021 (hard to remember when a decade ends).  But seriously – the show that David Byrne and his marching band (no time for standing still) put on is a real beauty pageant – and the winner is the viewer/listener!  WOW.  Bless you David.  You even made your current work sound juss as vital as the stuff we all came to hear.  Timely!  Timeless!   Thank you for your time!

But, c’mon, no love for Little Creatures?  How do you not end a show with ‘Road To Nowhere‘? (or begin a show with it?)  And what of the most underloved, but perhaps greatest soundtrack of ALL TIME – True Stories?  Next time around?  Yay or nay, count me in, cause with you, we’re on a road to somewhere!

Setlist – Here / Lazy / I Zimbra / Slippery People / I Should Watch TV / Dog’s Mind / Everybody’s Coming to My House / This Must Be the Place / Once in a Lifetime / Doing the Right Thing / Toe Jam / Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) / I Dance Like This / Bullet / Every Day Is a Miracle / Like Humans Do / Blind / Burning Down the House

Encore – Dancing Together / The Great Curve

2nd EncoreHell You Talmbout (Janelle Monáe cover)


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