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It Really Really Really Could Happen (And It Did!!!)

Madison Square Garden
October 23rd

blur msg

The above pic is all you need to know about how much Blur enjoyed playing Madison Square Garden for the first time ever!!!

The pic below is all you need to know about how me and the crew enjoyed RAWKING out to Blur playing Madison Square Garden for the first time ever*!!!!!

*although Damon played MSG before with Gorillaz

Classic crew. Blur revealed!

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Setlist – Go Out / There’s No Other Way / Lonesome Street / Badhead / End of a Century / Ghost Ship / Coffee & TV / Out of Time / Country Sad Ballad Man / Beetlebum / Thought I Was a Spaceman / Trimm Trabb / Tender / Parklife / Song 2 / To the End / This Is a Low

EncoreStereotypes / Girls & Boys / For Tomorrow / The Universal

and I know #BadHead #GoodHead #Blur #ModernLifeIsAwesome

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so where does the show rank?  probably the 2nd best Blur show I’ve seen, right behind the 2009 Hyde Park gig, and ahead of the Bowery show, which was really a 1/2 a Blur show (no Rowntree, and Graham wasn’t in the band)  

What about Damon shows?  Too hard to compare, juss ultra blessed he makes many kinds of musics and tours these musics in whatever form they is in

perv-iously on Damon shows…

Grahamer Rodeo – Damon @ Irving

Where’s North From Here? - Gorillaz @ MSG

Hyde & Seek – Blur @ Hyde Park

Thighs By Thighswest Day 2- The Good, The Bad & The Queen @ Webster Hall

Shaun Ryder Cup My Balls of Noodles – Gorillaz @ The Apollo Part 2

Things To Dee And So* – Gorillaz @ The Apollo Part 1


Grahamer Rodeo

Damon Albarn
Irving Plaza
June 8th


No, that is not a picture of Damon Albarn and two dudes with their mouths gaping open – it’s Uncle Grambo, yours drooly and Grahamorama, reunited like Wu Tang, but with no double LP, but the world was still excited.  Actually the world didn’t really know or really care, but I did.  It’s not often that I get to be in the company of these extra ordinary gentlemen, and on top of that, gettin to pound whatever Miller Fortunes are is, with background music provided by my favorite living artist born post 1960 – Mr Albarn.  The show?  Damn good stuff – including tracks from his not so hot solo album + choice non-Blur project cuts (see set list below) – but what really made the show a show of shows was being with the Bros Graham, and showing them how much I loved them.  I almost humped their thighs to pieces.  Afterwards, we craved Dairy Queen, but it was closed, so instead we all took a rookie spin on a CitiBike bike, and forever changed our thighs/lives

Setlist - Lonely Press Play / Everyday Robots / Tomorrow Comes Today (Gorillaz) / Hostiles / Slow Country (Gorillaz) / Kids With Guns (Gorillaz) / Three Changes (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) / You and Me / Photographs (You Are Taking Now) / Poison (Rocket Juice & The Moon song) / El Mañana (Gorillaz) / Kingdom of Doom (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) / The History of a Cheating Heart / Out of Time (Blur) / All Your Life (Blur) 

Encore - Last Living Souls (Gorillaz) / Clint Eastwood with Vic Mensa (Gorillaz) / Mr Tembo / Heavy Seas of Love

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Meg & Jack Me Off On

Adam Graham Parsons of the Detroit Tigers Newspaper gots me thinkings after I read over his solid ‘Five songs to remember the White Stripes by‘.  I’m (yes, no ‘we’ this time) 900% with you Grahamster on ‘Jolene’ & ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’, but here be some of my choice Stripes’ cuts to remember 9ever:

‘Fell In Love With A Girl’

I came late to the Stripes party, but instantly fell in love with them the very first time I heard this.  wish I came much earlier (pun intended???), cause honestly, I woulda given up all 9 of my testicles to have seen em at the Bowery Ballroom (although the Union Square Park show was quite the shaz!!!)

‘Candy Cane Children’

more raw than the rawest raw thing on earth or Uranus.  it oozes White Stripes white stripedness from head to mistletoe

‘Forever For Her (Over For Me)’

makes you feel like nothing AND everything is possible.  they own ‘Just do it’ more than Nike does!!

‘Seven Nation Army’


‘Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn’

the best Led Zeppelin III song not on Led Zeppelin III

‘This Protector’

feels like we’re in the room with Jack & Meg as they play it.  still looking for that one song that feels like we’re feeling up Meg White

+ bonus shout out to

‘White Moon’

for making Meg, and me, cry

miss you guys SOOOOOO munch!!!


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