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Italian Warm Cut

a chef cooking spaghetti at an Italian restaurant on 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York City, 1953


Peepers Jeepers

Inauguration Jeeps in IKE Salute. Rockville, Maryland, January 15, 1953 –  Sixty white jeeps which will escort the floats in the Eisenhower-Nixon inaugural parade on January 20th are shown in this air view in a salute to ‘Ike.’ The jeeps will be driven by U.S. Marines wearing full dress uniform [Getty|TBlade]



actor Geene Courtney models a scarf, skirt, bracelets, and a crown made from hot dogs, frankfurters, and kielbasa in her role as Queen of National Hot Dog Week, as selected by the Zion Meat Products Company. She wears a bikini, and kneels with one hand on her hip.  circa 1955

Miss Fabulous Frankfurter Lorraine Cole is crowned Frankfurter Queen 1956 by Hebrew National at the Hotel Wellington on 55th Street

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