Cat/Yusuf Scratch Fever

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam
Wang Theatre
December 7th

cat stevens boston

Dude, CAT FCUKING STEVENS. Dude, YUSUF FCUKING ISLAM. Whatever his name is, he may be a changed man, but the song/voice/soul/words remain the same – AMAZINGS!!!!! We’ve know his work for years, and were reminded of his genius by seeing Harold & Maude + Wes Anderson movies, but he’s always seemed so out of reach. Probably cause he hasn’t toured America since 1976. 19-SEVENTY-FCUKING-SIX!!!! I WASN’T EVEN BORN THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, got the rare chance to see him, when he was inducted to the RnR HoF, and after taking in his tiny 3 song set, I wasn’t juss thirsty for more, I was on life support for more!!!! Had to see him again, in full. HAD TO!!! Europe and elsewhere had been lucky. He’d been touring there and there for awhile, and yet, still no US dates. That changed this fall when he announced a handful of North American dates. NY was originally on the docket, and then it wasn’t (something about paperless tickets, and NY not allowing it), and so I had to see him, ANYWHERE. Boston became the choice, and OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN, it was a Boston revolution!!!! I was having a teabagging party for one – putting Cat’s balls in my mouth and sucking it all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, Cat was like – listen to the wind of my soul. And we listened to the wind of his soul!!! And every time he did, I kept seeing this picture of him!!! Oh man, this 1st cut was the deepest. SO DEEP!! And so was the 2nd, and 3rd and billionth!!! I’ll always love you, CAT!!! Maybe I don’t love you. LIES!!! Man, all kinds of children play in his yard, but where do they play? Oh wait, he answered that. He loves his dog. I LOVE HIM!!! TRAPPED!!! Like a cat and a dog, in the old schoolyard. Remember those days? Cat does. We don’t, but he makes us remember. People got ready. They sung out, sung out. Boy did they. THEY ATE IT UP. Who wouldn’t. 1976 to now is like a forever

Everyone has a big boss, man, causing trouble, but set me free trouble!!! Cat’s old, but oh very young. Cat’s dying to live but living to die. STAY WITH US CAT!! Keep casting your moonshadow, as you are our sunshine. You make us foreigners feel like heaven, where our true love goes. Man, this world is wild. None of his cuts would end up on the editing floor. He gets the blues, and we get the chills. It’s not another Saturday night. It’s a SUNDAY TO REMEMBER. In fact, December 7th – a concert that will live in AWESOMEly!!! Why did the night have to end? Morning wanted to break, but he had to board the Peace Train, as it was heading to the next stop, for another father and son to cherish

The train is miles from anywhere, and nowhere. It made Lisa sad, but everyone was beyond happy

Cat, come back. Trains make more than one repeat stop, don’t they?

I mean, I still need to hear you play ‘Matthew & Son’

Set 1 – The Wind / Here Comes My Baby / The First Cut Is the Deepest / Thinking ‘Bout You / Sitting / Last Love Song / All Kinds of Roses / Where Do the Children Play? / I Love My Dog / Cat and the Dog Trap / (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard / People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield cover) / If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Set 2 – Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed cover) / Trouble / Oh Very Young / Dying to Live (Edgar Winter cover) / Moonshadow / You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis cover) / Foreigner Suite – Heaven – Where True Love Goes / Wild World / Editing Floor Blues / Another Saturday Night (Sam Cooke cover) / Morning Has Broken / Peace Train / Father and Son

Encore – Miles from Nowhere / Sad Lisa

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ibm close up'

ibm worlds fair

ibm word building

ibm eames

The IBM Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Associates


Problem Solving

The Problem Children reunited for The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health

problem child1

problem child2

problem child3

[don’t know how we missed this!]

problem child4

dude, Ivyann Schwan is a-dorbsz!!!

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Monsters Inky

The Babadook
Australian Horror Story: Freaky Show
Official Website | Trailers & Mo
Not Rated | 93 min


Amelia (Essie Davis) has so many issues, she has about 12929239 subscriptions. Her husband died in a car crash, rushing to get her to the hospital for the birth of their only child. As her son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) is about to turn 7, he’s an unruly fatherless mess, and her widow-ed pain and suffering is still visible on her sullen and hollow face. Nowhere to go but down, right? Yep

Little Samuel’s being terrorized by a monster in his closet (or is it under his bed?). Mom wants him to stop being foolish, but when a dark and cruelly written book called Mister Babadook, starring her son’s boogeyman, randomly appears in their house, Amelia starts to feel spooked too. Things go bump in the night… and even during the day. Mother and son’s relationship goes from strained to tethered, and it makes their home life even bleaker than Bleak House. Is this monster for real, or is it all in their heads?????

Babadook is a super-sized version of director Jennifer Kent‘s short film Monster, which covers similar ground, so don’t watch it until AFTER you see Babadook. For a first time feature director, Kent is marvelous, and her delivery is whip-smart. She doesn’t cheat the audience with showing too much – leaving the mystery pretty much a mystery from start to finish, and lets her screen mother and son do all the work, as they work thru their grief. And they both come through brilliantly!!!! IN SPADES!!!! AND HEARTS!!! CLOVERS!!!! AND DIAMONDS!!!

Essie Davis is a revelation. She runs the gamut of emotions – from apeshit to zowsers – and I hope this puts her on Hollywood’s radar. Little Noah Wiseman is simply incredible. How a kid that young can do what he does in the film is a sight to be seen, and to be mesmerized AND scared sh!tless by. His performance is right up there with Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist and Harvey Stephens’ in The Omen. And The Babadook is thatclose in awesomeness alongside those 70s horror movies. It feels like it’s their born-too-late little brother. Better late than never. Better this than most other modern horror films!

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Babadook dooks dooks dooks in limited release AND on-demand

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…



63 batmobile

63 batmobile 2

63 batmobile 4

63 batmobile 3

Earliest Known Officially Licensed 1963 Batmobile. What is believed to be the world’s first car that became an officially licensed Batmobile was conceived and customized starting in 1960 by 23-year-old Forrest Robinson. After finishing the design, Robinson and a young friend, Len Perham, begun building the car in the Robinson family barn. Robinson completed the car in 1963-two years before the George Barris customization of the TV Batmobile was started. The ’63 Batmobile’ is the earliest known car in existence that was sanctioned by a DC Comics licensee

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