It’s A Large World After All

It’s A Small World World’s Fair project – design concept art by Mary Blair for Disney, 1964

The It’s a Small World attraction is located in every Disney theme park around the globe. It began as a 1964 New York World’s Fair attraction in the UNICEF Pavilion, sponsored by Pepsi. Once the World’s Fair closed, it was moved to Disneyland and officially opened on June 28, 1966. Mary Blair was the driving force behind this famous attraction, and her vision, her design, her love of color, and her talent helped make this one of the most popular attractions in the world [HA]


Truth Is Stranger Than Non-Fiction

American Animals
Doc Doc Good
Official Site | Trailers & Mo

R | 117 min

Not enough people see documentaries in theaters (for shame and FIVE shame) and I think director Bart Layton figured out how to change that course – you make a narrative film based on a true story, but you ALSO make it more of a true story by including the true people behind the true story IN the story you tell!  KnowwhatImean?

Seeing is believing in Layton’s American Animals, where fact and friction blur, and entertain the fcuk out of you in a tale of bad deeds gone purty darn bad.

Did you ever hear about the 4 college guys who tried to steal rare books from a Kentucky university library?  Yeah, me neither, but forget about hearing it – cause you need to SEE this!

Told through the mouths of the (sometimes contradicting) real life participants – Warren Lipka, Spencer Reinhard, Eric Borsuk and Chas Allen, and portrayed though the vesseles that are Evan Peters (one of our best), Barry Keoghan (guy has such a killer young resume), Jared Abrahamson (he seems so familiar and yet I have no idea who he is) and Blake Jenner (not one of those Jenners), Animals is the antidote to the anti-dope that (I’m sure, without seeing) Ocean’s 8 is.

For the price of admission – this movie is a STEAL!!!

VerdictgoBreast In Show

Animals roar, currently in limited release and soon at a theater near jews and white nationalists

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


Everything Counts In Large Amounts

Depeche Mode
Barclays Center
June 6

REACH OUT AND TOUCH BUTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what the fudge – you haven’t played ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ since 2014, and ‘People Are People’ in concert since June 18, 1988???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Depeche – what the mode??????????????

Still, you could have played boring songs about microwaved tunafish and it would have ROCKED THE FCUKING CASHBAR LIKE YOU DID ALL NIGHT AT BARCLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me?  I couldn’t get enough!!

Setlist – Going Backwards / It’s No Good / Barrel of a Gun / A Pain That I’m Used To / Useless / Precious / World in My Eyes / Cover Me / The Things You Said / Home / In Your Room / Where’s the Revolution / Everything Counts / Stripped / Enjoy the Silence / Never Let Me Down Again

Encore – I Want You Now / Walking in My Shoes / A Question of Time / Personal Jesus

(yep, that’s me singing at the end :)


Icemen Cometh

teammates from Jacksonville Icemen’s watch as South Carolina hosted Jacksonville at the North Charleston Coliseum Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

photo by Andrew J. Whitaker

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