Happy Passover Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Baxter moaning moses 4life!!!!

above montage created by THE great great great man and overlord of Sesame Chicken Friday – Time Werespanko


This Is What It Sounds Like When Everyone Cries

Peace The Forks Out
Goodnight Sweet


prince cover

prince ball

prinmce music

purple rain

prince bike

prine smooth

purple prince

princ tube

prince rs 2


prince batdance

oprince v

prince eyes open

prince hear

prince 7

prince pic

goodnigth sweet prince

nothing compares 2 u, cause u got the look, u sexy MF.  u made us party like it was 1999, told us to go crazy, get all delirious, live up the pop life, do the batdance – all the sign o the times.  i would die 4 u, or give you diamonds and pearls or a little red corvette.  how about 7 raspberry berets? we’d kiss you if we could, but we longer can.  the cream off the peach is gone.  you were the most beautiful girl man in the world, even on alphabet street.  the thieves in the temple took your life, but we’ll have your music from our generation, to the new power generation, and for every generation 9ever.  this is what it sounds like when doves cry, and when humans do too :(

perviously – when I saw him in 2004


Jack Arnold + Maggie Seaver 4ever

greatest thing ever? The Wonder Years

even greateterer than that?

learning that Dan Lauria was able to get the role of patriarch Jack Arnold cause his GIRLFIEND at the time was Joanna Kerns who played Maggie Seaver on Growing Pains, which was created by the same people – Neal Marlens and Carol Black!!!!!!




the two not only dated each other but worked together as well!!

including the TV movies…

1996’s Terror in the Family (with Hilary Swank!)

kerns lauroa

terror family

and 1990’s The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake

lauria kerns

imagine if they had TV children together???


Wish I Was There

one of the greatest album covers of balls thyme is Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here

wish you were2

wish you were

there were TWO versions of the Storm Thorgerson designed album cover.  the one above, with the man on fire leaning forward (which is the current one in use since the 2011 reissue), and the one below, where the man on fire is leaning back (used for releases from 1975 to 2011)

alt wish lp

wish you were onfire

two stuntmen were used for the shoot – Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogers.  Rondell is the one on fire.  He was dressed in a fire-retardant suit covered by a business suit. His head was protected by a hood, underneath a wig.  Rondell’s suit was painted with rubber cement and ignited three times before it ripped and his flame-retardant long-Johns peeked through the holes  

Initially the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, and the flames were forced into Rondell’s face, burning his moustache, eyebrows and eyelashes.  ‘It’ll happen in a heartbeat‘, says Rondell.  ‘The fire wraps around your face real quick, like a barbecue thing. The wig was fried, it melted up into a ball.‘  The two stuntmen changed positions, and the image was later reversed  

Rondell got $500 and only worked an hour.  Rogers was paid $250 for the easier job

the photograph was taken at the Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles, between stages 16 and 21

wish you were guys

warner bros lot

and here’s some photos that didn’t make the cut

wish you were here contact sheet

wish you were here outtake

on fire

wish poof2


A Racist In The Fun

clan boxes

Cherry Chan and Cherry Clan boxes from Jason Liebig’s collection

cherry clan art

Cherry Clan by Christopher Johnson

cherry clan wip

cherry clan work in progress by kevko76

cherry clannn

Cherry Clan Wrapper

so, what’s up with Cherry Chans and Cherry Clans?

Zumbiel Packaging artist, Gus Somers, designed the [Cherry Chan] package by hand (i.e. with a paintbrush). Naturally, it was a complete rip-off of the image and likeness of Charlie Chan.  Sal Ferrara found it amusing that Zumbiel shamelessly borrowed Charlie Chan’s image to help him sell candy… Charlie Chan’s heirs however were not quite as amused and threatened to sue Ferrara Pan if they did not cease and desist.  And so, Ferrara changed the name from Cherry Chan to Cherry Clan — which from a racist perspective was even worse than Cherry Chan.  Cherry Clan featured little squinty eyed Chinese faces wearing conical Asian hats — perhaps to imply that the candy originated in a rice paddy?  The China theme apparently did not work and the Cherry Clans faded from store shelves [and became Cherryheads]


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