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Cherry Popped

love this Kid Kane Cherry Coke art from 1986 

bless Kid Kane, whoever he is

and bless the 80s design of the Cherry Coke can, which is my true spirit animal

and PLEASE, do yerself a flavor and watch this one AND this one!


The Breast of Blind Melon


this was an actual company name and a product they sold, and the Buxom lady’s trademark was filed on December 27, 1943, meaning people loved double entendre boob jokes back in the 40s.  bless those peoples!!

here’s some more great crate art from the filthy fine folks of F.H. Hogue Co., although sadly not as double entendrey as ‘Buxom Melons’.  what, was ‘Beeting Off‘ or ‘Endive Into Your Pants‘ too racy of a company name???





Groove Is In The Car

and the greatestestest mos grooviest car(s) of all time has GOTS to be the…

Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon and/or Van!!!!!!!!

ford crusing wagon

ford van

pinto wagon

ford van wagon

pinto 1977

pinto infoi

pinto ford

wagon van ford pinto

pinto wagoinb

unicorn wagon

pinto awgaon

pinto 77

1977 pinto

for van wagon

for van

ford van1

ford van beach

and while not a Ford, I stumbled upon these, and had to give(/make) love (to) these ‘Put A Dodge In Your Garage’ print ads that were in Playboy!

dodge gal dodge in your garage

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