Forever Young MCA

Peace The Forks Out


Adam Nathaniel



August 5, 1964 – May 4, 2012

I could never begin to explain what Adam Yauch and his fellow Boys of Beastie meant to me and my life.  sure, I sorta skipped the License To Ill pill in elementary school, and somehow never even entered Paul’s Boutique, but these amateur hour mistakes were soon to be corrected

like most kids, I wanted to be cool and I discovered the ultimate coolness in the form of their third album Check Your Head. it was a game changer for them (they played actual instruments, and it rocked) and a life changer for me (if these Jews could ooze cool and write the book on it, well, maybe this Jew could endlessly re-read that book and plagiarize it in the real world, by look and attitude.  luckily for everyone, I never embarked on a hip-hop career)

anything they touched was gold to me and that was a gold standard on which everything else would be judged.  my early high school bestie and I were so infatuated by the band that we actually fancied ourselves the unofficial 4th and 5th Beastie Boys

as I entered college, I sorta left the Boys behind, but they never left me as a person.  for without them (and the movie Fletch), there would probably be no Thigh Master or Thighs Wide Shut.  it’s true.  in fact, the very first website I ever visited (in 1995) was the Beastie Boys’ site.  my first Yahoo! search?  the meaning behind all the references dropped in Paul’s Boutique.  they pointed me to the web and here we are now, but really we’re nowhere without Adam Yauch living and breathing on this planet

I feel sorry for those who never got to see Adam, Mike and Adam shake their rumps live in the flesh, as every show I saw become a memory that would never be forgotten (lost one of my favorite hats, a Grand Royal one, natch, crowd surfing at their show at The Patriot Center in Virginia)

The Beasties Boys as we know it are over, but they never will be over.  that’s the most beautiful thing about music – it lives forever.  goodbye Mr Yauch.  you had so much to give, but you already gave us so much.  much love.  Beasties Boys 999999999999999999999ever

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