Sweet Teasus

this is NC in a can

yes we cans. no way he could HATES THESE CANS!!

checked out the State Fair in Raleigh

where the prizes were rather un-a-peel-ing

but the food was fried wide shut to our liking!!!!

WTF is deep fried Kool-Aid????  DON’T DRINK IT!!!!!!


yep, a Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger.  and yep, it was the knees bees of deliciousesnessnessness!!!!

this is a sign that should hang on every tree in the world

and hell, if it had said free fried balls of horseshit, we woulda taken it too!!! EVERYONE LOVES FREE!!!!  GIVE US US US FREE!!!

why do legs of everything taste so bestestest??

although we’re more of a breast man, duhvs!!


who pays for those?  they’re free, and usually unwanted



rest easy there buddies

cause one day you’ll make great hamburgers!!!

please dont ask why we took a picture of a cow’s butt

don’t you dare udder a word!!!

safety first wurst!!!

this is enuff to make us never drive or do drugs or have eyes again!!!

Raleigh has a nice lil art museum

cept they have no van Goghs, so in our mind, it’s not a real art museum

then it was off to Charlotte

to waste our time and money watching the Redskins play pee wee football

tried out Price’s Chicken Coop

which wasn’t eggzactly all that it was feathered up to be

skin was nice n crispy, chicken nice n juicy

but it didn’t have any kick to it whatsoever, and all fried chicken muss have a kick to it OR ELSE IT’S AS LAME AS KFC!!!!

only been there twice, but Thomas Street Tavern is easily one of our mos flavorite bars ever

even Slick Willy’s a fan

Joe Pata???

that should read


ps – DUKE SUCKS!!!!

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  1. You had me at "Hate These Cans." Well done.

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