Like Father AND Son

You wouldn’t think it, and most of you don’t even know anything about it, but ESPN’s new (week)daily sports show Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable is highly amazing.  And after only 2ish weeks on the air, we’re ready to declare it the mos entertaining show currently on television.  Yep, we’re that crazy for it, and you could be too, even if yer not a sports fan

If you have (or have ever had) a father, this is required viewing.  Why should having a father matter?  Well, Miami Herald journalist and frequent PTI guest host (the only acceptable one besides the no longer used Norman Chad) Dan Le Batard is certainly smart & engaging enuff to carry a show by himself, but in the ultimate sign of love and respect, and to the audience’s HUGGGGE benefit & delight, he makes every day of his show ‘bring your father to work day’

By employing his enthusiastic and HIGHlarious papi Gonzalo, Dan’s show elevates itself from a mill-of-the-run sports talk head-ache into something quite special, and significant.  Not only is the Le Batard father-son banter an endless roller-coaster of riotous laughter, it’s also a moving (in 2 senses of the word) picture postcard of the modern American family (eat that Modern Family), thus making it also the best family AND reality show on television (eat that every family AND reality show on TV)

These guys are so loving and loveable that you’ll wish you were a Le Batard, or could at least bring your father to work (unless of course yer dad is a giant prick)

Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable airs week-daily on ESPN at 4pm EST.  set yer DVRs to fun!

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  1. His father's voice sounds suspiciously like Triumph the insult dog. I thought he was going to comment on a player and then finish with "for me to poop on."

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