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Apparently you all think Get Him To The Greek was rather hilarious.  We didn’t, we’re 101% correct on this, we stand by our census of humor, and you berated us for it.  Fair enuff, since humor is subjective, and we guess you all like to be subjected to crap.  So what if we were to tell you that there was another Jonah Hill flick released 2 weeks after Greek that contained real laughter, based on realistic situations (no furry walls), had this thing called ‘heart’ and makes one cringe endlessly, and we’re not talking about in the way that Greek‘s freshamoronic script made us cringe.  OK, you get it.  Actually, you don’t and that’s why we’re having this lil chat.  Anywho, the JHill movie in which we speak of is called Cyrus (not to be confused with Angus)

Cyrus is more akin to Step Brothers than it is to The Greek (and we’re not juss saying that cause S Bros is also funny, unlike Greek, which if you didn’t realize, is unfunny).  So imagine Step Brothers, keeping the always vulnerable, always puppy dog pathetic John C. Reilly in the mix, but give him a wee bit more maturity and a lot more insecurity, and instead of Will Ferrell, pit him against a deadpan, dead serious Jonah Hill (they sorta look related, right?).  Change the battle from a parent’s love and attention, to the love of Marisa Tomei (Reilly’s once in a lifetime new ladyfriend, and Hill’s overprotective, yet cool mom with whom he still lives with) and what we have here is one of the better romantic (unintentional?) comedies released in Hollywood in quite awhile.  And why is that so?  Cause Cyrus (and Cyrus the character) is unpredictable, and doesn’t star Katherine Heigl or Mr Demi Moore

Unconventionality is the Brothers Duplass (Jay and Mark)’s calling card, but instead of making juss another one of their meandering mumbling mediocre mumblecore pics, they gots themselves a budget over $10 and bona fide actors to work with for the first time.  If these refreshing results are any indication (this is the film that Greenberg was sorta trying to be, but was too irksome for anyone to truly embrace), please get us to anywhere they’re going and not To The Greek

They’re The Men Now Dawgs:  we’re totally mclovin the flick’s sorta official/unoffical website, which totally reeks of You’re The Man Now UP Dog

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

Cyrus billy rays today in NY & LA only and elshwere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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  1. john c rielly is hilarious, no doubt.

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