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Wednesday, February 24

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The Ghost Writer
Write-Wing Politics
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We'll throw a nit pick picnic any chance we get, but Roman Polanski/Robert Harris' terse pot-boiling political thriller Ghost Writer was flawless (sadly, w/o any bra-less-nessness), that is unless of course you are incapable of forgiving Kim Cattrall for abandoning her British accent after her first spoken sentence (and for not abandoning her clothes). Yeppers, you can do no wrong with his no man is an island off the coast of Boston creeper, which cannot be said of the much wider released and sloppy Stutter Island. Marty had all the Massachusetts settings he'd ever want at his disposal, but since Roman can't set foot in America, he made seaside Germany work rather well as a New England stand-in. Also, he didn't have Leo or Ruffs or Gandhi to work with, but he made Pierce Brosnan work, which really isn't that hard, as long as he isn't within 20 feet of an ABBA song [d]. Bronsie plays an ex-British Prime Minister fading out of his prime, and in the process of having his memoirs ghost written, but when his writer mysteriously dies Ewan McGregor steps in... to a web of intrigue and trouble! That's all we'll say, cept Olivia Williams is tres besty and any movie where James Belushi (appearing briefly, with shaved head!) isn't an embarrassment is something to be taken seriously, and enjoyed to the fullest!

Noble Romans: looking for another write-ly spirited flick? look no further than Claude Lelouch's twisty Roman De Gare

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

Ghost is currently playing in LA/NY and st elsewhere st elsesoon!

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...