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Thursday, December 3

VT, Fone Homeboys

The Garden
December 2nd

There's something seriously wrong with me/we. How on Earth have we been goaded into seeing Phish twice in one year (the previous show, our phirst ever, was this past summer at Jones Beach), esp since we've now see them play 'A Day In The Life' as many times as we'ves seens Paul McCartney do it (so that makes it FOUR times we've heard that song in concert since June!!!?!?!?)?? Last nite's show was fab lobvs course, but didn't have a clue as to what was going on (elastic, elastic, balls apart?) and now wees needs to take 8 showers to get the stench of middle class dirty neo-hippie semi-homelessness off of mees! Two things we learnsed this time that we didn't the phirst time: crowds are 86% men (mainly sweaty ones) and the 12% of womens are usually 81% smokin' (the remaining 2% is butterscotch ripple, btw)! The other thing is that no one claps during the songs remains the sames. No one does that at any concert in general and in sergeant cause everyone is lame, but the Phish peoples are so into Phish that you'd think they'd have more clapping going on, but guess theys too busy smelling like mid-90s post-teen spirit to bothers. OK, enuff of the whatever, and now for the real chocolate reasons why yer still reading this... our totally made-up made-down set list (with no repeats from last nites tweet guesses)

Set One

  1. A Case of The Squeegees
  2. Uncle Dippy
  3. Hot Pantaloons
  4. Yanklet
  5. A Tents Moment
  6. Georgetown Goyas
  7. Squantovision
  8. Jack of Threes*
  9. Taint Misbehavin'
  10. Vector & Hictor
  11. unParallelogram

Set Two

  1. Hookerfranken >
  2. Eight Is Earmuff >
  3. Fancakes >
  4. Gertrude Awakening >
  5. Dog o' Nine Tales
  6. Tigris-Youafraidies?
  7. Pookled
  8. Bloomin' Funyuns^
  9. Too Hot To Panhandle
  10. Gyros & Villains


  1. Jai Ho, A.R. Rahman cover
  2. Gertrude Re-Awakening


  • ^ with Jelly's Last Jam outro
  • * 501st time played
(real set list)

and oh yeah, there's a bit in Phish's 'Slave To The Traffic Light' that was totally jacked from the Ewok celebration joint to end all joints, 'Yub Yub'. basterds!!!