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Wednesday, December 23

Nancy's Ray Gun of Fun

It's Complicated
It's Not Awful
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Look, we're no Nancy Meyers-desirerer, herspecially since What Women Want and The Holiday made us want to vomit Lard-ass style all over yer wife's teets, but rule #1 of a movie is to entertain (you fails Antichrist!), and yous wanna know what, NM's latest tiffle trifle, the not so complicated It's Complicated, may be pure fluffy fluffernutter, but it's entertaining!! Yes, you read that correctly. Believe you we, if this was a pile of steaming poo, we'd make sure to warn you about the smell headed in yer general direction, but this pile of poo wasn't steaming, well, then again it didn't eggzactly smell of roses either, but!!!!!!! And how could anyone not tolerate watching Jack Donaghy trying to re-woo his Mama Julia Mia ex-wife (esp instead of macking on his gross looking wife played by Lake Bell... and no, we're not kidding, she's mad gross in an Amanda Peet velociraptor type a way), while Roxanne's nose that knows also tries to hop on on that old lady hotness. And Jack & Julia's kids are so movie beautifuls, like Silas Botwin, Zoe 103 Kazan and whomever Caitlin Fitzgerald be. + Jim Halpert is in on the fun, and so is Rita Wilson, and normally when she shows up in any movie, it's a sure sign to high AND low tail it for the exits (the one eggception was Volunteers), but she's only annoying for like 1 scene and then disappears for goodsies, so sweet-awesomes for that!!! HAVE NO FEAR!!! EVEN OLD ADULT STOOPID MOVIES CAN BE FUN!!

Shmeyers: before she made such recent poop de loop on her own, Nancy often teamed up with her former hubby Charles Shyer on film projects. the two have dazzle razzled such frivolous fare together as Baby Boom, Private Benjamin, Father of the Bride & Part II, Irreconcilable Differences, I Love Trouble, Once Upon a Crime..., Protocol, The Parent Trap remake and cussin Jumpin' Jack Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

It's C opens everywhere on Christmassss day

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...