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Wednesday, November 11


An Evening with Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop from Travis
Joe's Pub
November 10th

Seriously, this was the third greatestestest concert we I have ever attended. First was Simon & Garf earlier this decade and the second was night 1 of the RnRHoF thingamajig (also including Simon & Garf, obvs). So to be third place behind that very good company not only sez how much I love the Travis, but since you know my tastes to be better than yours thens yous knows that it means a forkin helluva lot in terms of things AND stuff!

Joe's Pub is a teeny tiny place and the key is to make a dinner reservation cause them tables one gets to sits at be the best seats in the house, also they be the only seats. Couldn't get a ressie. Nonetheless, me and tall cousin D-money rolled up near the crowded back bar area, and 10 minutes before showtime a waitress came by and asked if anyone wanted a dinner table for 2 and quicker than you can say yourpenisismallerthanmine we hopped on that opportunity like I hop on free fried chicken. Turned out to be the call of the century (thus far). We were seated DIRECTLY below Travis main man Fran Healy, as he and axe-man Andy Dunlop chronologically weaved their way thru their stellar back catalog

Cousin D was loving it like mad, but I was totally losing my shit, in the bestetsesttsest way possible. So much emotion flung from my body and soul that it was clear to the performers and audience alike that I am totally their 6th biggest fan in the entires worlds. I received numerous smiles and even a high five (instigated by me) from Fran. Apparently this didn't sit well with everyone, as about an hour into the show a waiter approached me and whispered in my ear that some of the other paying patrons were wondering if I could tone down my 'theatrics'. Are you fluffernuttering kidddddding me???? Is this a concert or a soundless book reading? I tried to behave myself a little butter after that point, but I had 5 Maker's on the rocks in my body and all I wanted to do is rock (that's a Travis song for those of you not in the know). Plus, this was effin (half of) Travis and I was never gonna be closer to them than I was at this moment and probably never would again. Damn you bone-melters!!!

After the show, Fran & Andy stuck around, sold merch, signed autographs and even talked graciously with their fans. I gave them more props than I have pubes. I left, head spinning, but still aglow from the greatness I had juss witnessed. Musta been some night cause when I awoke this AM, my bathroom sink was filled with my puke and I had no recollection as to when I 'put' it there. Praise jeebus!!!