Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, November 24

Natural Torbjørn Killers

Webster Hall
November 23rd

We know it's a lotz to ask for, but why isn't Röyksopp bigger than Jesus Lizard or at least Lady GooGoo ragged doll or the Black Eyed Poo-poos on everyone's parade? They's betters than thems and betters than evers (their Junior is the year's best... outta like the 3 new albums we've listened to... boy is our year end music thingie gonna blow) and no one knows it cept for us who does knows it, but that wrong will nevers stops the dang right of the Norwegian legion of vroom-tastic bizneats and siren calls, bumped out by Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge (with special stage help from that girl who sang all the girl parts and that bassist guy). Siz-seriously, someone needs to let these dudes write a score for some fantasy movie, or hell, any movie for that splatter, or heaven, every movie evers!!!!

Tis been four fargin long years since we saw em twice in span of a few months, but waiting is worths it when the Röy boys know waz-sopp!!! Last night at the Webby Hall, they got mad tricky tricky, cause they knew that it's what I want. Theys was true to life and we knew that this must be it, being so happy up here, with their vision one, silver cruiser, the girl AND the robot. It got late in the night, the dancing was done. The music died, we were ready to run, but YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE, this party hasn't ended yet, not for we and you, now you're just pretending!!!! Damn yo, we already miss it so much. Röyksopp forever!!!!! and 9ever!!!!!!!!

doyouknowwhatImean, Vern?