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Wednesday, October 28

Pet & Neck Sounds

Brian Wilson
Bergen PAC, in NJ!!!
Rocktober 27th

Beach Boy wunderkind Brian Wilson has certainly been around, but in between all his surf's ups and surf's downs of playing in a sandbox and helping to give birth to Carnie Wilson, he's found the time to dance, dance, dance and have much fun, fun, fun, while providing the rest of us with enuff good vibrations to last 282318129 lifetimes. Gawd only knows where we'd be without him and his precious falsetto voice that never hits a false note so wouldn't it be more like a truesetto voice? Wouldn't that be nice? Hactually what would be really nice would be being a member of his current quite complimentary backing band, aptly named the Brian Wilson Band. Their job is so hugo AND so boss. Theys get to pretend that they're in the Beach Boys and jam out with the last standing Wilson brother whenever he feels like touring

We caught the B Man and his band juss over the river last night, and let we tell you, you should cross 382129903123 rivers if you have to, juss to see and hear the man who, as one concertgoer put it, 'does that dance people in plus-size tracksuits do when they win the lottery'. Don't buy into that Mike Love touring as the Beach Boys bullsheet cause Brian Wilson IS the Beach Boys (like when we saw Axl as GnR w/o the rest of GnR). All the parts that Love normally sangs, Wilson sings em butter (although he can't sing every bit, since it's impossible for him to harmonize with himself) + there's no chance of John Stamos or 'Kokomo' rearing thems ugly heads!!

As the show began, Brian told us that they were going to rock out, but maybe not as much as the Rolling Stones do, which prompted a teen boy/girl (we couldn't tell) in front of us to scream, 'You're better than them!'. We've seen the Stones, on the Voodoo Lounge Lizards tour, and have to agree with the boy/girl. 40 songs, with two takes of 'Monster Mash' was all the proof we needed...

Monster Mash / Do it Again / Dance, Dance, Dance / Girl Don’t Tell Me / Then I Kissed Her / In My Room / Salt Lake City / Custom Machine / Soul Searchin’ / Desert Drive / Please Let Me Wonder / Don’t Worry Baby / I Get Around / Sail On Sailor / Heroes and Villains / Roll Around Heaven / California Girls

Monster Mash, #2 / Little Girl I Once Knew / Your Imagination / All Summer Long / Add Some Music / Shut Down / Little Deuce Coupe / Do You Wanna Dance / Sloop John B / Wouldn’t it be Nice / God Only Knows / Midnight’s Another Day / Lucky Old Sun / I’m Going Home / Southern California/Good Vibrations

Surfer Girl / Johnny B Goode / Help Me Rhonda / Barbara Ann / Surfin USA / Fun, Fun, Fun

Love And Mercy

what an appetizer for Thurs/Fri!