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Saturday, October 31

Not As Great Balls of Fire

The 25th Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Anniversary Concerts - Night 2

Madison Square Garden
Rocktober 30th

after Thursday's all-time time-edness we knew there was no possible way that Friday's show, even with or w/o Clapton in the line-up, could ever match it. damns, we hate beings right, and the show being 2ish hours shorter than the previous one didn't help splatters much. Jeff Beck is a fine guitarist and all, but they really shoulda gotzen someone else, someone nameier to take Clapton's place since his balls were recovering from being gladdered

we won't go on much more, cause we're still beyond bewildered at the Black Eyed Poops' guest participation in the proceedings. we hactually don't believe in a Hall of Fame for music, especially if Donovan aint in it... yet, but to have Fergie and those other pooples share a stage with U2 and Mick Jagger is juss out flat insulting, especially to anyone who knows anything about good music

speaking of, forgot this story from night one, but now's a better time than never to share it: during Stevie Wonder's set, a mid-50ish woman turned to me and said, wouldn't it be great if Adam Lambert came out and dueted with him? I said, is he that American Idol guy? she said yes and I said, no, not really

regardless, it was still a night to remember, with Ozzy bourne again + Patti & Bruce becauseing the night, but all in all it juss wasn't as memorable as night one

Jerry Lee Lewis

'Great Balls of Fire'

Aretha Franklin

'Baby, I Love You' (The Ronnettes)

'Don’t Play That Song' (Ben E King)

'Make Them Hear You' (from Ragtime)

'Chain of Fools'
w/Annie Lennox

'New York, New York' (Liza Minnelli)

w/Lenny Kravitz


Jeff Beck

'Drown In My Own Tears ' (Ray Charles)

'People Get Ready' (The Impressions/Curtis Mayfield)

'Freeway Boogie'

'Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers'

'Let Me Love You Baby' (Willie Dixon)
w/Buddy Guy

'Big Block'

'Rice Pudding'

'Rough Boy' (ZZ Top)
w/Billy Gibbons

'Foxy Lady' (Jimi Hendrix)
w/Billy Gibbons

'A Day In The Life' (The Beatles)


'For Whom the Bell Tolls'


'Turn the Page' (Bob Seger)

'Sweet Jane' (Velvet Underground)
w/Lou Reed

'White Light/White Heat' (Velvet Underground)
w/Lou Reed

'Iron Man' (Black Sabbath)
w/Ozzy Osbourne

'Paranoid' (Black Sabbath)
w/Ozzy Osbourne

'You Really Got Me' (The Kinks)
w/Ray Davies

'All Day and All of the Night' (The Kinks)
w/Ray Davies

'Stone Cold Crazy' (Queen)

'Enter Sandman'




'Because The Night' (Patti Smith)
w/Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith

'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'
w/Bruce Springsteen

'Mysterious Ways'

'Where is the Love?' (Black Eyed Poops)/'One'
w/Black Eyed Poops

'Gimme Shelter' (The Rolling Stones)
w/Mick Jagger and Fergie

'Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of'
w/Mick Jagger

'Beautiful Day'

mo pictures hear