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Monday, October 5

Locker Hurt So Good

Davy Jones
BB King's
Rocktober 2nd

While former Monkee/forever a Monkee Davy Jones may not have been a leading candidate on our muss see before they die/we die list (Brian Wilson's up next), it certainly wasn't a losing proposition taking a ride with him before he pulls into Clarksville, on the last train! After we made the daring decision to see the pint-sized '#1 Teen Idol of All Time', we soon realized that a whopping majority of the Monkees hits were hactually sung by Micky Dolenz (no wonder then that he ended up with a wicked hot wife, and spawned an even wickeder hotttt duaghter). No worries, as Davy sang all dem s'wonderful hits + sum solo shazz, and even 'Consider Yourself' from his Oliver! stage days, and for that 2 lovely hours, stretched a lil thin with amazing self-deprecating humor and cornball jokes (Jewish girls only want men with circumcised penises cause they love things that are half-off!!!), we, along with all the 60 year old liz-adies, were true believers, daydream or nightdreamszzz!!!

boo-nus: bestest Davy Jones sung Moonkees tune mt EVERest and vesuvius, 'Valleri' [empee3]