Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, October 26

Herman B. Wells
That Ends Well

you know the deal, another year, another Bloomington, Indiana trip where the water flows like ranch sauce and the ranch sauce leads to only one thing: INVASION! RANCH FARTS! luckily, for everyone's sake, we took Imodium AD and Before Christ

oh dearest ranch sauce, which looks like glue and taste like gawd

where would my life & torn anus be w/o yer midwestern bestness?

this picture purty much surmises what college is all about

lettuce all say it together, 'Yes we cans!'

there's nuttin more beautiful than a crisp B-town
October day with the fall foliage in fall effect, yo!

...well, perhaps being the meat in between
an Eva Amurri breast sangwich

nice profile pic Bob!

Bob, the future called & they want their horrid pair of specs back

there's a first time for everything

like having new taste and fart sensations caused by the
beyond yumazingness of Hinkle's hamburgers

the writing was on the wall

and tits true, cause KJ is such a tease dick

didn't take any shrooms

but wanted you to see what B'ton would look like on em!

do not be fooled by the diversity in this picture

as that is the only Asian & pair o' black girls
currently in the state of Indiana

this new slide that they installed on
the side of the library was purty wicked

but afterwardz, it kinda left us down in the dumps

OK, prepare to have a seizure or vomit on your keyboard

you were warned. sort of

tune in next year when the ranch farts will be even ranch fartier

next up on the travel docket? HOTlanta
we'll be sure to pack sum Mylanta