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Tuesday, September 22

Moby Sour Grapes

9:30 Club - September 18th
& Irving Plaza - September 21st

Moby is so 1995, and he is also so 1999. Never forget that. He hasn't. We haven't. You may have. Why did you give up on old baldie after you loved him so much? Remember when he had a lame feud with Eminem that not even Triumph The Insult Dog could resolve? Well Eminem is kinda nothing now, while Melville's great-great-great-grandnephew keeps plugging away, and chipping in such hotness that reeks of upyo and 2002, 2005 and 2008. Specific years, yes, but timeless lessthenone. 2009 brings Wait For Me, and while it hasn't eggzactly knocked our socks off right outta the gate, neither did 2008 when we gave it our first sits and spins, and now 2008 may be our mos flavorites of his'ses's. We try to make everyday 1989! You should to! Glad we never did give up on him, even after he basically borded us to def with his laptop back in April, cause with a full band, soul sistah singer and all, he totes brought back the RockdeBody like it was 2005 to DC's 9:30 Club last Friday (we hadn't been there since the late 90s) and to Irving Platz last noche. The DC show was a tad longer and a tad more butter, and we were less under any influence for that one so there! What, you stop reading this sentences ago? We'll if yer still here and yer still not convinced of Moby's greatness try thinking of a Bourne movie ending without thim. Are you Bourne again yet?

who the fork were Moby Grape anywayz?