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Wednesday, September 16

Don't Fear The Weepuls

we're a bit behind, so these gots to be qwikies...

The September Issue
The Wintour of Our Content
Trailers & Mo | Official Website

In 2007, Vogue, the magazine, put out an issue in September, only a month after they put one out in August. It was better known as their September issue. It was the size of a phone book and had pictures of wicked hot and wicked rail thin chicks pouting in pretty settings [spoiler alert 2 years too late: Sienna Miller graced the cover]. How does something like this come together? PEOPLE! Old people, who think they know fashion, and young people, who are forced to wear yarns that no one would ever wear, but the old people force them to wear em or else they'd force them to eat food. R.J. Cutler turns the camera on these peoples and sees what the deli-yo. Nothing crazy really goes on, considering editrix (we hate the word almos more than we hate the NY Giants) Anna Wintour is the pimp behind Vogue's wheels and you'd expect her to throw a coat on her assistants every 8 seconds and scream GET ME ARMANI!!!, but nah, no dice. She's a powerful woman who knows what she wants, speaks her mind when need be, and happens to have a stoopid haircut. It's mad fascinating to watch her at work, and watch those who work for her walk on eggshells and shells and cottage cheese juss to peas her. There's one lady who sorta stands up to her...

Grace Under Firecrotch: Grace Coddington was a former model turned fashion editor/creative director at Vogue. She totally kicks a$$ in The September Issue, but it was kinda weak that they didn't mention how her brothers are Emperor Palpatine and that dude from Mask (OK, this was in poor taste, but this site isn't called

Verdictgo: Jeepers Mos Def Worth A Peepers

Very Vanilla
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Mike Judge is a funny guy, and you knows it. If wees have to give you examples as to why, then go watch Judd Apatow movies and leave we be. Extract is his latest and Extract is not worthy of being his latest. It's not bad, it's juss not all that funny. Therein lies the problem. The characters are beyond likable (and how could it not be with everyman Jason Bateman, eyeball and boob friendly Mila Kunis, wiigish Kristen Wiig, A-OK J.K. Simmons, ballsy Clifton Collins Jr., Beavisy & Buttheadish Dustin Milligan, kick in the David Koechner, sparkled motioned Beth Grant, an even ballsyier Gene Simmons and a WONDERFUL Ben Affleck. yes, WONDERFUL!), but broccoli can also be likable and broccoli hasn't made for a funny movie since 1934. Wants Judge funny that needs no judging? (re)Watch Idiocracy

Wishful Drinking: sorry Mr Judge, but even if Extract was a home run run home, it would still be second fiddle fiddle second in the world of extract entertainments wheneth compared to Tom Hanks gettin all kinds of wasted on vanilla extract as Uncle Ned on Family Ties

Verdictgo: Jeepers Somewhat Merit Worthy, But Ultimately No Stinkin Badges

Not Another Bo Derek Prequel
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Shane Acker's got cartoon visual know how, and how, and know! His '005 short called 9 was nominated for an Academy Award, so others muss agree! He didn't win, so maybe the agreementance wasn't unanimous, and his lumbersome bigger screen adaptation of said short with the same name didn't eggzactly win we over cause the storytelling wasn't very storyful or telling, but man, thems visuals rawked! With this and Coraline, it's nice to have sum creepy alternatives to the straight-laced Disney-Pixar kiddie fixars, and as soon as they get their stories straight then Pixar will have to start making more crizz-niz-nazy fare like WALL•E Beats Pete's Dragon. word em up!

Never Stop Motion: a kid and parents-friendly movie waiting to happen....


Verdictgo: Sum Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Extract & 9 are currently severing time at a theater near jews, whilst The September Issue mags its tail in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed...