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Thursday, September 17

Carpetbagging Is So 1869
Carpetmunching Is So 5770

Skins Season Three, Episode 6: Naomi [trailer]

Besides a bit of the olde Ass2Ass, Freddie's ep hasn't eggzactly lingered in our minds. Luckily Naomi's turn has. Why?

two wet girls sit by a campfire, shotgunnin a joint, followed by heavy necking & petting & other fun stuff


yeah, and it was all filmed with absolute care & classs
(this bike ride is so precious)
and no show of a$$
but(t) again with the undressing wedgie!

oh Ems!!!!

but that aint all folks
cause pure bestness doesn't hinge only on
women doing each other!

S3:E6 also broughts
- the fear and the self-loathing of the bearded Irish teacher
- the pomp and circumstance of Cook Guevara's campaign
- Cookie netting another one of our lady friends
- hand holding and crying thru a doggie door
- more sweet girl with girl stuff
- did we mention wet girls?
(don't fret ladies, there was a bit of man-a$ in the ep)

OK kiddies, time once again evigan to play the game that no one's been talking about:

This Week In Fitch/Prescott Twins Action Jackson Award

so, who?

Katie/Megan, whose funbags (and the rest of her fly self for that matter) got ZERO close-up action. ZER-O!?!???!?

in an episode where her closeted twin sister tears off the closet doors!!! don't you think if that happened to your twin sister that you'd at least make a facial expression worthy of a single close-up????

and therefive
this is


esp since it's the first time we've seen her smile
and it's a smile for miles!

+ these other assorted adorablenessness