Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, August 17

Fit(ch) But You Know It

Skins Ep 2 of Season 3 was straight off the meat rack. the Cook centric episode was over-Cook-ed to perfection, including, but certainly not limited to, Mackenzie Crook (Gareth Keenan)'s guest work on a... meat rack. our mind went wandering and wondering and wees were thinking second thoughts as to which of the Fitch/Prescott twins we liketh the mostestestest, and could possibly have the dishonor of sitting on the/our throne of Thighland for all thighternity

choosing this choosy choice is more frustrating than being a choosy Mom who doesn't choose JIF!

we'll come AND play
even if our name aint Danny!!

we're totally havin a Siamese (twins wet) dream bout dem two!!!

last week we instantly fell for doormat/closet lezzie Emily/Kathryn, butt now we've also fallen under the trance and enchantment of her homophobic/pushed-up bra twinster Katie/Megan, her adorable lisp, and even morer adorabler chipmunk cheeks. cause you knows we loves the female chipmunks and their cheeks!!!!

we wanna pinch dem cheeks and then pinch ourselves for doing so

oye forkin vey!
we need a cold shower!!

dangs, this picking a which twin is the nit-shiz over the other is rather tuff stuff, and dan rather taxing on the brain, and on that other brain. got brain? we needs we a drink and a banana to think this one over and out

wait a millisecond
this aint even a contest


but don't fret Kat/Meg
there's plenty of room in our hearts & farts
for your throbs

The Streets - 'Fit But You Know It'