Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, July 6

Viddy Well, Little Brother
Viddy Well

not so simple goal in life: visit the shooting locations of A Clockwork Orange

in pardickular and moist importantly, where the bum got a blurp blurp beat down from Alex and his droogies

which is located at the Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout, Wandsworth, London

and even butter than the real thing and morererer importanter than anything (even the Redskins and our parents), where Alex shows Dim & Georgie who's the effin boss man (eat it Springsteen!) with some ball busting action at the Flat Block Marina

which is located at the Southmere Lake in Thamesmead South
which was also used in the '96 flick Beautiful Things
& the '73 Peter Sellers flick The Optimists
& the Kaiser Chief's video for 'Never Miss A Beat'

(with a huge thanx and spanx to our mate Paul who we forced to drive us all over the place. bless his thighs and his soul)

so where do we go from here (besides telling you about the yumcrdible Blur show and sharing the rest of our England pics?)? what's the next dream to make a reality? easy, and no ponds have to be crossed for this one: Twin Peaks hot spots. Diane, warm up the coffee and cut me a slice of apple pie, cause this will happen like a man in a smiling bag!!!