Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, June 23

You Can Get With This
or You Can Get With
Rachel Dratch

the adorable girl in the Triumph Visits Bonnaroo piece

is the new girl with a pearl earring necklace

eggcept the new girl [d]

girl you'll be a woman soon

woman you'll be a grill soon

don't be a dragon lady!

lady with the spinning head

spinning lady with the grill will be a woman sooner or later love is gonna getcha eating now & laters, which not so secretly is the bestest candy from later, not now, brown cow, brown bunny, bunny lebowski fest, uncle fester, the molester, chester copperpot, testicles copperballs, NESticle, nestle, my sweet westley, west bevery high fidelity, felicity, felicity and caroline in and out of sex and the city, sunshine city, say it 5 times fast, sunshine city, sunshine city, sunshine city, sunshine city, sunshine city. did you say shitty? sorry to go off on a tangent, as we normally like to go off on a cosine, or is that the job of Governor Jon Corzine?

if anyone knows the girl above and her boutsawhere, please send her in a non self-addressed-stamped-envelope to us at the following address

His Royal Thighness
c/o Small Wonder Fan Club
PO Munch Box 69
Thighland, Thighland 90211