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Saturday, June 6

Me Enjoy Youself

Jones Beach Theater
June 5th

duuuuude, we saw Phish for the very first time last noche (our concertmate, who forced us against our last will and testicles to go with him, has seen em 100ish times), and since you're reading this it means we hactually survived the patchouli oil spills (and periodic rainstorms), AND to be unperfectly honest, we hactually had a rip roaring time, even though we hadn't a clue what songs Phish were playing or why everyone had a beard thicker than Zach Galifianakis or why the bearded men, and women, were all dancing like a bunch of douche bags. it was a night of many firsts, including watching a grown man play a vacuum (it's not as cool as it sounds, and the way it sounds isn't cool), watching many grown men urinate in sinks, and also, don't think we've heard a guy puke as hard and as long as we did during a second set pee break. speaking of sets, here's our guess as to what they played...

Set One

  1. Helga
  2. Pouring Porridge
  3. Carpetbagger
  4. Acey Deucey Busey
  5. Where Is My Mime?
  6. O Canada, P Canada
  7. Yo Yo Pa
  8. Theme From The Thames & Jim Thome
  9. Seether, Veruca Salt cover
  10. Half Made Sandwich

Set Two

  1. Blanket Belt
  2. Orange Juilliard^ >
  3. Philbert >
  4. 20 Pesos To The Left >
  5. Help Me Honda
  6. Marshmallow Yellow Fluff *
  7. 3001
  8. Guaca Molehill


  1. Back In Time, Huey Lewis & The News cover


(real set list)

+ mug shots of VA Phisheads