Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Friday, June 12

Mac Tonight

Fleetwood Mac
Madison Square Garden
June 11th

Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is 59, singer Stevie Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood (3rd coolest grampy behind Leonard C & Neil D) are both 61, and bassist John McVie is 63, but they certainly don't look their age (must get the number of their personal trainers, and whomever takes care of their skin), or act their age. Our parents are slightly older, but there wouldn't be a chance in helga that they could rawk out as much or as hard as Fleetwood Mac still does, let alone stay up past 10pm. Wees was kinda reluctant to see them in the first place, see-sawing for years before finally biting the bullet and buying tickets, and after basking in their eternal glow last night, the only question is why did we wait so long to add them to our 'see them before they or we die' list (McCartney's up next)? That questions stings a little harder now knowing that vital member Christine McVie retired juss a few years back... although they still gave big love to her tunes, but sadly, not to our personal flavorite Mac track 'Hold Me'. No matter, as the remaining members brought their A+ game, as 'Tusk' kicked it more than a Tusken Raider and 'Go Your Own Way' had us clapping more than all the people in the world with gonorrhea. We hactually woke up this morning and were still clapping. Our non-stop thinking had nothing to do with tomorrow, and was all about last night. Btw, the Clintons totally ruined that song. Btw, Carrie Fisher totally looks like Stevie Nicks, but unfortch she hasn't aged as gracefully. And btw, Mick Fleetwood totally ruled the school in The Running Man

btw 4, Mac Tonight totally waz the bestest 80s McDonalds mascot